Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sometimes all it takes for me to make a good video is a good song. I heard this song at noodles and company yesterday and instantly loved it. So since my kids were up late being sick I figured "why not?'. They watched little baby bum and I edited this video.
This song spoke to me on another level. Listen to the lyrics, they're very fitting for the people in the video. Those we wish we could have close but for one reason or another we just can't. What a blessing it is to have so much family!
There are sooo many pictures/videos that I couldn't fit into the video. So many. It was hard to whittle it down to what's in the video. I'll post a few underneath the video. 
I haven't been on here for a long while, everyday at the end of the day when I would have time to do this I'm just too tired. Hopefully I can pop in more regularly with these little videos. My kids love them. There are already so many videos I wished I had made but didn't! Life keeps moving and you gotta hustle through it. Maybe someday when I'm old I'll go back and makes lots more.
Thanks for a wonderful family vacation Wydo. Can't believe we've built this life together and the tiny people in this video are our genetic makeup! Can't believe you have a job that makes enough money to support a family of five AND take them on family vacations. Thanks for all your hard work, we love you so much. I love that picture of you in the black towards the end. so handsome. 

My moms happy place, loves those crab legs! 

The reason this video exists! THE OG THE ORIGINAL OTP!

Oh he's so handsome, he's getting so big. 

Tinder profile pic right? swipe right ladies!

Marco gave Danny this neat little coin, I was worried he would loose it but he held onto it. It's on our playroom wall now... I keep a close watch on it. 

Fancy Time!

Watching Danny have the time of his life. 

Watching Danny have the time of his life. Like father like son. I love these two pictures. What wonderful fathers! 

Nanny+Danny two peas in a pod. 

Seeing an entire corner of pixar dedicated to coco was huge for me! Seeing the Mexican culture integrated into Disney is amazing. Who knew twenty years ago everyone and their grandmas would love a movie called Coco. While it's all the knowledge some people have of Mexican culture it's still better than nothing. Thanks Disney, representation matters! You made my heart happy. BTW the coco part of Disney was packed with hispanics. love it. 

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