Thursday, October 11, 2018

This is Halloween!

Well we went to the pumpkin patch again! We will likely be frequenting this spot seeing as how I bought season tickets for Danny and I! Ever since I moved to AZ I wanted to buy season tickets but I couldn't afford it! I could barely afford to go to the pumpkin patch 1 time! However in 2018 we are season pass holders to Vertuccio Farms and it makes me so happy! The kids like it so yea, we'll be hitting that spot up a lot! I'm curios to see how crowded it is depending on the time of day so we'll be playing around with the times :). How cute is Danny with his Satchel, his BYU shirt, rain boots AND he's holding charlies hand? ugh Danny you are too cute! 

Jess bought a season pass too! Yes! "tire yourselves out kids!"

ah yea baby! 

After the pumpkin patch yesterday we took Danny to the doctor because he hasn't been feeling well 
But we got him on some anti biotics so he should hopefully start feeling better! After the Doctors office we ate lunch at a Pizza Hut! Yes you read that right a Pizza hut! wild eh? now all I need is a blockbuster and a little ceasars side by side and we'll have a blast from the past. Ah, those were simpler times. Actually, If you can believe it when Wyatt and I were dating we went to a Hollywood video together! I think we were looking for a movie. 

speaking of nostalgia I finally let Danny watch Nightmare before Christmas. He and Sammy loved it and I didn't realize what a work of art it really is until now years old. 

How cute are these cute haunted houses from Trader Joes?! They had a blast decorating them while watching halloween shows. 

I can't remember why Wyatt is doing this but for a min before bed he was dancing around and it made me laugh. 

Spotify has an awesome Disney Halloween playlist and we've been listening to that. I love listening to music with the kids. love it. Their changing taste in music is reflective of their current stage in life. Last year we listened to "What the world needs now is love" a lot from Boss Baby. These days the kids like...

1. Bye bye birdie - Sammys favorite
2. Duck Tales Theme Song- Danny's favorite 
3. This town- Charlies Favorite, still. 

Love these kids and their taste in music. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Took the kids to brunch with a friend (that was wild, two moms and six kids) then afterwards to Vertuccio Farms. They had a blast and their rain boots looked so stinking cute. Plus they were perfect for the farm. Mud ain't got nothing on us. Wish I had some for Charlie, I ordered some online. Add that to the list of unnecessary expenses, it's a long one.