Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Charlie 10 Months

Awe Charlie! He makes my heart burst! 10 months flew by, 10 months of love and happiness! My heart is full thinking about how he giggles at the funny things his brothers do and intently watches them throughout the day. A few things of note around the 10 month mark...

*perfected the army crawl- this took a while, towards the beginning of the month he decided he wanted to give it a shot but mostly laid on his stomach in frustration while trying to move himself forward. Somewhere around the middle of the month it clicked and he could slowly make his way across the room, backwards. Then finally at the end of the month he picked up speed and was successfully making his way through the house forwards.
*So so so happy- I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me while I'm out and about to say "I have never seen a happier baby". Charlie gives everyone his best smile and being around him is a total mood lifter!
*Loves his brothers, he really really loves his brothers (every once in a while Sammy will sit on him while he's trying to crawl, he does not love this)
* waving- He has waved goodbye! Every night when we put Sammy and Danny down for bed. I hold Charlie over their head (while they are laying in bed) and in my best baby voice say "Good night! Good night! Good night!" and proceed to have him pretend to steal their blankets and pass gas (I know it sounds so weird, but Danny and Sammy live for it!). As I walk out of the room backwards I have Charlie wave "bye!" and say "we love you!" as of late, he has been waving by himself. I think I started doing this back in September when Wyatt was gone for a week at a PA conference. It was a way to put the kids to bed and leave them smiling rather than crying as I left the room. We've been doing it ever since. Charlie was a lot smaller then and less involved as newborns are... awe!
*We all love Charlie! He is the apple of our eye. Sammy calls him Ja-Ji and it's kind of stuck.


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