Wednesday, June 13, 2018

11 Months already! How? When? It's all a blur, but a cute, happy blur! Sweet Charlie!

*He's got crawling down! He crawls EVERYWHERE!
*loves the water, he loves swimming and just yesterday I took him to the splash pad and he loved it! It was his first time actually interacting with a splash pad and he crawled around all over with Sammy and would bust into laughing fits when the water would shoot out of the ground.
*loves his mama! This boy is a mama's boy for sure!
*loves his family. He loves everyone in the family really, he just radiates love!
*Is standing up! He will crawl up to a baby gate (which if you've been to my house you'll know we have them all over the place) and hold onto the bars and lift himself up. Afterwhich he will stand there and bend his knees and kind of dance in place.
*no steps taken yet... but it's close! Not cruising along furniture either. He crawls super fast though, it's kind of freaky!
* finds every tiny piece of trash in the house and tries to eat it.

Oh Charlie! We love you.

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