Monday, April 16, 2018

Some of Danny's preschool homework.... uhm pretty sure I couldn't do stuff like this until I was in the first or second grade! #timeshavechanged

On our way to take Danny to Preschool! We love it so much Angie is amazing and i'm really sad she's not teaching again next year. 

Running across the mattresses at At Home because he's living his best life? I was going to stop him but he was nearly to the end. I did not allow him to get on them again. So don't judge me

Heck yeah! 

An activity in of itself is visiting a good carwash. Wyatt got a pass for my car! So We wash the a lot... like everyday. The kids love it. We also vacuum it out a lot... I'm beginning to see the wisdom in Wyatt's generosity. ha! 

"Take a picture of me!"

Oh he's getting so big! 

Our favorite outing- Costco

Sammy LOVES the Costco smoothie. Idk why. Danny doesn't. But Sammy will drink all of it on his own. 

Love you!

My mom taught him how to do a a thumbs up and he does it all the time. Mostly to let us know he's pleased with the food he's eating! 

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to drive by this beautiful temple multiple times a day! What a blessing. I try to always turn the volume down on the radio or whatever song we're listening to. I tell the kids that we need to show reverence (yea they don't know what that means) and respect for the House of God. They don't totally understand why I turn the music down but they know we always turn the music down. They'll remind me if I forget.

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