Thursday, April 5, 2018

Doesn't it look beautiful?

Coolest member of the family and he doesn't even know it

Rice and beans for days

We recently got our front yard landscaped a little. Wyatt designed it and it looks beautiful, he really has an eye for landscape. We all went to Home Depot and picked out flowers for the walkway so the kids were excited to see their picks all planted.
We started off the morning playing with playdoh then we moved to watering the plants. Aftewards I took them to Costco for lunch because I was in desperate need of bottled water #firstworldproblems. We got to costco around 1230pm and all the young moms with their kids had gone home for naps so we were one of the few young families hanging out. There were tons of retirees eating lunch around the same time we were. Tons of people came up to say how impressed they were with my multi tasking and how good of a job i was doing as a mother. It was so nice to hear that! Remind me to go to Costco during nap time again! One woman that came up to me had 8 kids! She's 94 and she has 8 kids, 40 grandkids and over 10 great grand kids. wild! One man bought us a drink so Danny and Sammy didn't have to share a drink. It was super nice! Lastly a man who I suspected was a member of the south side serpents (#riverside) told me I had earned his respect. Seriously people can be so nice. Rest of the day was filled with typical kid stuff.

PS. I thought I'd write down some instances where complete strangers were super kind to me. So I won't forget.
*One time when I was at sprouts with Danny I was trying to stick to a $25 budget. Which meant not buying the famous Cotton Candy Grapes at Sprouts. The man standing in line behind me bought my groceries because someone bought his groceries when he was in a financial tight spot a few years back.
*After I had Sammy I struggled with post partum, it must have been evident on my face because while at Trader Joes once I stood staring at the flowers wishing I could buy some. I felt guilty spending any money on them. Towards the end of my Shopping a woman came up to me with a boquet of flowers and said "Here! You clearly wanted them and you deserve them and a bottle of wine!" I declined the wine but the flowers made me tear up.
*Right before we left CT while at the park the Ice Cream truck gave Danny free Ice cream. I had no cash on hand and I was moving that weekend. They simply told me to pay it forward. Which I have. 

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