Monday, April 16, 2018

But, seriously Riverdale has a lot of plot holes. Wyatt and I get a kick out of watching Riverdale,  the plot line is bananas, but we watch it nonetheless. Agent Archie is our favorite. Because in what world does the FBI approach a high schooler for help?

While scooting about the house in his walker Charlie yanked a lamp down. It made the loudest crash and scared the living daylights out of all of us. We are so lucky it fell to the side of him and not on top of him. Not a scratch. It terrified poor charlie.

We were taking my car to get the tires rotated so we put all the carseats in Wyatt's car. It was fun seeing them all in there! Here they were right before getting our cars washed. (of course)

Watching the Croods. Such a sweet show, one of my favorite children's movies. 

I'm trying to help Danny strengthen the muscles in his hands to get him ready for Kindergarten so we've been doing everything from coloring to squeezing oranges. Today we made pasta necklaces. The kids were pretty excited about it 

At a neat indoor play place in Chandler. Cutie Sammy pushing a baby in a stroller.

Indoor playplace with Jess and Gray 

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