Saturday, April 21, 2018


I had really wanted to throw a dance party for Danny for a long time now. It just sounded like so much fun. I kept thinking about how fun it would be to do a Black Light Stomp.  Wyatt was a champ for letting me do this. Throwing parties is expensive and a lot of work! 
The kids had a blast setting up  and for weeks we listened to the "playlist" so they'd be ready to jam out. Ah, the playlist, flashbacks of us driving around in the CRV listening to it. Oh they're cute kids. I'm glad we did this party it was so much fun. I am grateful for everyone who came! 

Hug Me
Who let the dogs out
Gangman Style
Dragostea Din Tei
What does the fox say?
Move your feet

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our trip to the Zoo!

There was something magical in the air on April 18 2018. It was one of those days where life just seemed too good to be true. The weather outside was gorgeous and I had a good nights sleep. I was determined to do something fun with the kids but didn't exactly know what I wanted to do. While researching parks in Gilbert I found the blog of some random dude who's family lived here in Phoenix for a few months back in 2012 before moving back to Japan. It was basically a travel lodge of all the different parks/ attractions he and his family went to. I read all of his posts and one about his family going to the Phoenix Zoo got me thinking "Hey why don't we go to the zoo?!". 
This is a big deal for me because of lots of reasons. First and foremost it's far. I have anxiety about driving far alone with my kids. What if I get a migraine? What if I crash? so many what ifs.
Second going to the pheonix zoo with three kids on my own seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.
Third, it would be expensive. 
All these things aside I made I decided spur of the moment to go! I told Danny to go pee because we were leaving and he asked where we were going and I told him "the zoo!" he flipped! Sammy did too, but I think he did because Danny did! lol. I almost didn't want to tell Danny where we were going in case I didn't make it for some reason (anxiety). 
I called my mom and told her we were zoo bound and that I hadn't planned ahead but just wanted her to be aware incase I go MIA or something. I didn't plan on going with anyone I didn't even tell Wyatt! I didn't want to jinx it.
After stopping at target for some snacks and extra supplies we made our way there!
It was one of the most beautiful fun "mothers" day I had. As in, this will always be a special day with me and my kids. Sort of like on the movie About Time where the dad is dying of cancer and he and his son decide to go back in time and revisit a memory they have of playing on the beach. This would be my About Time moment with my kids!
It was wonderful! The kids were good. Charlie was a dream and just happily sat in his stroller the whole time! He even took a nap in there! I did take him out for the splash pad which he loved. AFterwards he fell asleep in the stroller and the kids and I kept going. We visited everywhere! We did all attractions because we probably wouldn't be back for another year. It really was a magical. the type of day where you think "Being a mother is absolute magic!" 
Thanks boys, this is a beautiful memory I'll always hold dear to my heart! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Navidad 2017

Well here it is! Several months after Christmas I have finally finished our 2017 video. I love making these. I consider these videos love letters to my kids. They love watching them, I hope they continue loving the videos into adulthood. 

I had I hard time picking and choosing pictures/video clips for this video . There were so many smiling faces and loved ones. Happy times. So I thought I'd attach a few pictures that didn't make the video. Also, the "Baby's First Christmas" stocking is mine from my very fist Christmas (1990)!

Danny loves this toy. He looks for it every time we visit. I'm not sure what it is about it, but it's a sweet reminder of my kids sweet spirits. 

Haleigh and Evaleigh! We love these cute girls and the adorable babies they're holding too. 

This is the first picture I snapped of them on this trip. I swear they haven't aged in the last ten years. They are so fun and we love them! 

Married nearly the same amount of time, both have three kids. Brothers! 

The thing I said most on this trip was "come down Sammy" because he spent the whole time getting into places he wasn't supposed to ;) 

Happy Mama and her beautiful baby girl! This was Charlottes first Christmas too! 2017 was a good year! 

See that baby monitor? I carried that thing around like a beeper. I'm so grateful for modern technology that not only lets me hear my baby when I'm not in my room but SEE him too! Amazing. 

Eric's favorite burning fire Christmas show! It's on netflix! lol

A first for these newlyweds too! I guess 2017 was a year of firsts!

Oh Haleigh! You are the sweetest! 

I didn't realize that Evaleighs arm is place perfectly so that it looks like maddison's arm! Funny. I had to snap this picture because of the way Mads is looking at a sleeping Charlotte! 

Our fellow Arizonites -They will be migrating north in a few weeks. Alex is graduating! We are sad to see them go but excited for where their adventures take them next! 

Awkard family pictures. (fart transplant not picture) 

Will we ever have decent family pictures? 

just two boys and their nanny 

But, seriously Riverdale has a lot of plot holes. Wyatt and I get a kick out of watching Riverdale,  the plot line is bananas, but we watch it nonetheless. Agent Archie is our favorite. Because in what world does the FBI approach a high schooler for help?

While scooting about the house in his walker Charlie yanked a lamp down. It made the loudest crash and scared the living daylights out of all of us. We are so lucky it fell to the side of him and not on top of him. Not a scratch. It terrified poor charlie.

We were taking my car to get the tires rotated so we put all the carseats in Wyatt's car. It was fun seeing them all in there! Here they were right before getting our cars washed. (of course)

Watching the Croods. Such a sweet show, one of my favorite children's movies. 

I'm trying to help Danny strengthen the muscles in his hands to get him ready for Kindergarten so we've been doing everything from coloring to squeezing oranges. Today we made pasta necklaces. The kids were pretty excited about it 

At a neat indoor play place in Chandler. Cutie Sammy pushing a baby in a stroller.

Indoor playplace with Jess and Gray