Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Someday I'm sure going to miss afternoons with my little guys. We've been working on coloring lately. The kids don't exactly love doing it but Sammy loves throwing the crayons around so it still counts as entertainment!


I was brace yesterday and went to riverview park. It was a little stressful because Danny and Sammy went two different directions at first but then they came back together and it was more manageable! 

We made forts and read books Sunday morning. I think doing that set us up for a good sabbath day 
I've developed an addiction for shopping off of OfferUp. It's basically Craigslist, but more user friendly! I found someone near me selling this IKEA kitchen plus pretend food for $10! I was quick to jump on that. The kids, especially Sammy, love it!
They were still playing with it when wyatt got off of work, it was a nice way to end the night. 

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