Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I've been wanting to write a few things about Danny down for a while now! 
I love the way he says booyah! He says it more like "Boonyah". 
He loves counting to 100. We count a Lot around here..., 
He says the best prayers! Some things he has prayed for include...
Money, lots of money 
Booby traps so bad guys can't get in our house 
Surprises from grandma or nanny 
How much he loves his brother Charlie 

Danny is so much fun right now. He's 5 so he can put his shoes on and stuff, he's also old enough to enjoy eating out or going to the movies! 
Sammy said his first prayer yesterday, and yes, my heart melted 

Someday I'm sure going to miss afternoons with my little guys. We've been working on coloring lately. The kids don't exactly love doing it but Sammy loves throwing the crayons around so it still counts as entertainment!


I was brace yesterday and went to riverview park. It was a little stressful because Danny and Sammy went two different directions at first but then they came back together and it was more manageable! 

We made forts and read books Sunday morning. I think doing that set us up for a good sabbath day 
I've developed an addiction for shopping off of OfferUp. It's basically Craigslist, but more user friendly! I found someone near me selling this IKEA kitchen plus pretend food for $10! I was quick to jump on that. The kids, especially Sammy, love it!
They were still playing with it when wyatt got off of work, it was a nice way to end the night. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Charlie's first time sitting in the grocery cart! March 9!

Sammy brought some party hats to Costco and request that we all wear them. Why not!

Grocery shopping with all three kids is so stressful but when I look at their cute little faces looking back at me I can't help but melt. I love them the most when we're grocery shopping. Don't ask me why!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Omg heart eyes for days! He was so messy when I took this video but my heart was bursting! Still is! Love you sweetie ❤️❤️

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Today was a red letter day for these two! While browsing OfferUp I found a Power wheels car at a steal of a deal! Even Better? They were willing to deliver it to me! I was on the phone with my mom when I found it and she said she wanted to gift it to the boys. BEST GIFT EVER!
I need to take a moment and say how much I wanted one of these growing up and how much Wyatt did too. Sooo basically we lived vicariously through them! I was Facetiming my mom when I walked the boys out to the sidewalk and surprised them with it. It was sitting in our driveway having been recently delivered. They closed their eyes and when they opened it squeals of excitement and joy filled the air! I don't think I'll forget the way their cute little faces lit up when they saw the car and ran towards it. I wish I could have gotten it on camera! Oh I love my kids and we are so blessed.
Thank you Grandma! What a fun toy!

PS. My mom wanted to me to mention how much I asked for one of these cars growing up. Up until recently I tease her about never getting me one. She said she never wants to hear my complaints over the matter again ;) #spoiled

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Peter Piper Pizza is what was needed to lift our post nanny blues! Danny got a certificate for a free personal pizza as a good student award a few months back and we're finally getting around to using it! 
To say Danny was bursting with excitement would be an understatement. 
From parents perspective it was stressful and overwhelming but we know how much the kids love it so we're happy to do it. 
Love them

Omg these statues were wild! The kids got a kick out of them though 

They did really well at the garden! Like surprisingly well. 

Couldn't have done it without grandma Linda!

Tallest saguaros ever

This picture doesn't do those beautiful scene justice. This tree was one of a kind 

These bright green things are made of glass!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A few things as of late. 
#1. Danny learned how to whistle three days ago!
#2. Charlie learned how to pick up yogurt melts and put them in his mouth!
#3. Sammy got out of the tub to poop on the toilet! 

Cute boys 

Friday, March 2, 2018

This cutie is finally feeling better! After terrible colds went through every member of the family seeing this cute face looking happy and content makes me extremely happy!