Friday, February 23, 2018

Like most of America's pre-schoolers Danny is obsessed with Toy Review channels, namely Ryan Toys Review (Yes it's "Ryan" and not "Ryan's).  At first I cringed every time I heard that six year old's voice, and for a while Wyatt and I referred to him as "He who shall not be named" because whenever his name was said Danny would beg to watch his channel. All this being said over the course of the last few days I've had a change of heart. 
The last two weeks have been tough. All the kids (and I) have been sick so I have needed something to really help them sit still for longer than 10 min while we've been stuck indoors. I decided to open the floodgates to Ryan and his millions of YouTube videos. I put his channel up on the television in the living room and the kids loved it. I embraced their fascination of Ryan and his family and it helped me maintain my sanity. I realized yesterday that when you sit and think about it, they are just watching someone else's home videos. I am grateful to Ryan and his parents for providing lots (I mean lots) of videos my kids can sit and watch. It's peace of mind to know they won't watch any disturbing Youtube Kids videos (yikes, they are unsettling) while I'm trying to put a fussy baby to sleep (or when I run to the potty, tmi?). We won't always have his channel on at our house, but when I'm in desperate need for them to sit still I know Ryan's got my back. 
A few days ago as Danny was watching one of the videos and I was trying to get some shut eye on the couch next to him he asked "Mom, why aren't I on TV?" I thought about it and said "Well, I guess you could be if you wanted to" then he said "Yeah, I want to have a Danny Toy Review" so I said "you bet". Above is the product of Danny's "Toy Review".  We sat and edited it together to include all the same sound affects you hear on Ryan's videos. Danny was delighted. Both he and Sammy are enraptured by the video, huh who would have guessed. 

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