Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yes let's go hang out somewhere for 2 hrs where you aren't allowed to run, jump or make any noise!

Wyatt and I took our turn subbing in nursery and it was no joke! They combined the two nurseries and luckily Rachel stepped in to help. Wyatt ended up taking Charlie with him so that made things much easier! I actually enjoyed nursery, the kids were fun and they all genuinely liked me. They were drawn to me. Might have had something to do with how much energy I was putting into entertaining them. Singing, dancing etc. They were sweet. After leaving I thought about what a tricky calling that is to fill. I enjoyed myself today but for sure don't want that as a calling for the next year or so! Our ward is doing a type of Co-op nursery and I think it's awesome! I fully support that. 
Church with kids is tough but I kind of think of it as going to visit grandparents, a little extra work due to kids breaking things but they love seeing the kids so much. The benefits we get far outweigh the "work" we are putting in. 
I'm so grateful to be a member of this church!

PS. Amber Bird took this picture of us after seeing our family and the Taylor's try to wrangle all our kids. Sacrament was ending and we needed them to sit still for just a little longer! 

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