Monday, January 15, 2018

 Today was a wonderful day, what a day to be alive! We started it off with Sammy bright and early reading books. Then we added Danny and read some more books and built a marble castle. Charlie woke up and I nursed him while Sammy and Danny ate french toast sticks and watched a show after all that we all made it out the door for a bike ride and a quick stop at the park which resulted in an impromtu playdate. We then came home, ate lunch, and had naps. Danny and I played Chutes and Ladders, read his Mm book to relatives and had a nice time chatting about dimes and nickles. I got to play the piano (more on that later!) and the kids' bunk bed was delivered and it is gorgeous! The whole day felt like a mothering win! My kids are at such a sweet stage in life! I just love them all. Im trying to give Danny extra time because next year he won't be staying home with us :( He's the lightning 5 boy!


PS On Saturday Charlie said "MAMA"!

PPS Sometime in December he sat up all on his own!

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