Saturday, January 20, 2018

The product of my DIY playdate with Tammy Keating! I showed it to her on Pinterest and she suggested we go to Home Depot right then and there to get started on it. I hesitated but then thought "oh what the heck!" we took 4 kids to Home Depot to buy the wood then took it back to her place to stain it! Thanks for reminding me I could be spontaneous with kids Tammy! I needed that :) 

We had the most amazing Saturday! It was the best one we've had in a while :) I started off the day going to the gym! (for the first time in like two years). It felt wonderful to be there and good to get my body movie again. Then we played with our new nintendo classic! yas! We took a family bike ride (I've been dreaming about family bike rides since I was in high school "one day that'll be me!") we finished off the day going to Trader Joes, which everybody loved.
While out on our bike ride we saw the most amazing sunset. It was the perfect gold color! Gorgeous. 

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