Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy hump day! (Insert Amy Pohler here) 

I have been updating my blog quite a bit, only, I've been updating it retroactively. So you wouldn't see the updates unless you were hanging out in the 2015/2016 dates. It was high time I updated current affairs (ish). 
Over Thanksgiving break Alex and Maddison stayed with us for a full week! party! Actually If I remember right we were all pretty tired ha! Still their presence meant late night movies, card games and inside jokes (get behind me satan!). We had a pretty epic Thanksgiving, it was our first time actually cooking it so we can call ourselves adults now. While delicious our Thanksgiving meal paled in comparison to Mrs. Molly's preschool Thanksgiving lunch. I kid, ours was really amazing. I think we were all surprised it came together. We picked some lemons off of our surprise LEMON TREE and Wyatt made a lemonade/martinelis drink for Thanksgiving meal, it was pretty good! 

After Thanksgiving my mom came to stay for a bit, and it is the sweetest thing watching kids with their grandparents. So much love and laughs. (Sammy and Danny were in a "fart noise" kick and my mom would laugh hysterically at all of them). My kids are showered with love (and gifts!) I am so grateful everyday for the wonderful lives my children have. Kids, they are so freaking lucky! 

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