Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yes let's go hang out somewhere for 2 hrs where you aren't allowed to run, jump or make any noise!

Wyatt and I took our turn subbing in nursery and it was no joke! They combined the two nurseries and luckily Rachel stepped in to help. Wyatt ended up taking Charlie with him so that made things much easier! I actually enjoyed nursery, the kids were fun and they all genuinely liked me. They were drawn to me. Might have had something to do with how much energy I was putting into entertaining them. Singing, dancing etc. They were sweet. After leaving I thought about what a tricky calling that is to fill. I enjoyed myself today but for sure don't want that as a calling for the next year or so! Our ward is doing a type of Co-op nursery and I think it's awesome! I fully support that. 
Church with kids is tough but I kind of think of it as going to visit grandparents, a little extra work due to kids breaking things but they love seeing the kids so much. The benefits we get far outweigh the "work" we are putting in. 
I'm so grateful to be a member of this church!

PS. Amber Bird took this picture of us after seeing our family and the Taylor's try to wrangle all our kids. Sacrament was ending and we needed them to sit still for just a little longer! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The product of my DIY playdate with Tammy Keating! I showed it to her on Pinterest and she suggested we go to Home Depot right then and there to get started on it. I hesitated but then thought "oh what the heck!" we took 4 kids to Home Depot to buy the wood then took it back to her place to stain it! Thanks for reminding me I could be spontaneous with kids Tammy! I needed that :) 

We had the most amazing Saturday! It was the best one we've had in a while :) I started off the day going to the gym! (for the first time in like two years). It felt wonderful to be there and good to get my body movie again. Then we played with our new nintendo classic! yas! We took a family bike ride (I've been dreaming about family bike rides since I was in high school "one day that'll be me!") we finished off the day going to Trader Joes, which everybody loved.
While out on our bike ride we saw the most amazing sunset. It was the perfect gold color! Gorgeous. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Becky agreed to venture to this park with me! It is a super super cool park, will be visiting again soon... with help! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy hump day! (Insert Amy Pohler here) 

I have been updating my blog quite a bit, only, I've been updating it retroactively. So you wouldn't see the updates unless you were hanging out in the 2015/2016 dates. It was high time I updated current affairs (ish). 
Over Thanksgiving break Alex and Maddison stayed with us for a full week! party! Actually If I remember right we were all pretty tired ha! Still their presence meant late night movies, card games and inside jokes (get behind me satan!). We had a pretty epic Thanksgiving, it was our first time actually cooking it so we can call ourselves adults now. While delicious our Thanksgiving meal paled in comparison to Mrs. Molly's preschool Thanksgiving lunch. I kid, ours was really amazing. I think we were all surprised it came together. We picked some lemons off of our surprise LEMON TREE and Wyatt made a lemonade/martinelis drink for Thanksgiving meal, it was pretty good! 

After Thanksgiving my mom came to stay for a bit, and it is the sweetest thing watching kids with their grandparents. So much love and laughs. (Sammy and Danny were in a "fart noise" kick and my mom would laugh hysterically at all of them). My kids are showered with love (and gifts!) I am so grateful everyday for the wonderful lives my children have. Kids, they are so freaking lucky! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

 Today was a wonderful day, what a day to be alive! We started it off with Sammy bright and early reading books. Then we added Danny and read some more books and built a marble castle. Charlie woke up and I nursed him while Sammy and Danny ate french toast sticks and watched a show after all that we all made it out the door for a bike ride and a quick stop at the park which resulted in an impromtu playdate. We then came home, ate lunch, and had naps. Danny and I played Chutes and Ladders, read his Mm book to relatives and had a nice time chatting about dimes and nickles. I got to play the piano (more on that later!) and the kids' bunk bed was delivered and it is gorgeous! The whole day felt like a mothering win! My kids are at such a sweet stage in life! I just love them all. Im trying to give Danny extra time because next year he won't be staying home with us :( He's the lightning 5 boy!


PS On Saturday Charlie said "MAMA"!

PPS Sometime in December he sat up all on his own!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Birthday Danny

Happy Birthday Danny! I can't believe you are five years old. I mean I can, but I also can't! Wyatt and I love you so much and you are so patient with us. Always willing to forgive us when we snap at you or when we forget to do things with you that you've been waiting around patiently for.
It was special that you got to enjoy your birthday at "nanny's" house. Your favorite place on earth. Surrounded by family who loves you. lots of people love you... 

The store employee did her very best to change the inscription on the cake! 

i still can't believe it all came together so well! 

It was cold outside but it was such a beautiful day!

ah my Dad, I miss him so much. so so much. He was the piñata MVP. I hope I get to see him soon.

Mousetrap, The one gift Danny asked for over and over again. His face says it all!

ah Childhood delight!

Seriously Danny, don't ever forget how loved you are

Sammy as usual hanging out by the stairs

Once again Maddison really helped me out by taking care of one or tow of my kids at any given time. I am so lucky to have her! Seriously, thank you! 

Some backstory on how this all came together-

We were in Utah this year during Danny's birthday so we wanted to make sure we celebrated him while Wyatt was in town. Which translated to us having to celebrate his birthday on January 1! Sunday the 31 Linda asked if there was anything I needed for celebrating Danny's birthday the next day. Suddenly it dawned on me that it was tomorrow. Like the sinner I am I went out to try and gather things for his birthday celebrations. I was really stressed out because I left Danny and Charlie with Wyatt. which really shouldn't stress me out, but since Charlie was little I was worried he would need me at any time. I felt like I was doing everyone a favor by taking Sammy with me though. He's the toughest age right now. He wasn't exactly cooperating on all our little outings. but we survived it!

First up, a piñata. Gotta have a piñata. I went to the Mexican market and the only acceptable one I found was a bright yellow minions one. So I took it. I looked at their birthday cakes, nothing. I asked how fast they could make one for me. They said Tuesday night. I was like "What? What about tomorrow?" and they replied it was NEW YEARS DAY AND THEY WERE CLOSED! The realization hit me that it was new years day! All the stores would be closed DOH!
I ran over to target and bought him a remote control hexabug and a chain reaction toy to go with it. I had bought him a shirt at Gymboree ($4!) a few days ago so I figured I could call it good with that. I walked over to the party isle and found a bunch of minion party cups/decorations!Yes! No birthday cakes though. dang it.

Lastly I stopped by Ranch Market and looked through their cakes. There was a bright yellow cake that said "Felicidades" and I asked if they could change that to say "feliz cumpleaños". The cake also had roses on it so that would need to be changed. turned out the cake decorator was gone for the day BUT a store employee offered to change it up for me. I asked her to check and see if they had any cake toppers I could use for a boys birthday. After what seemed like a long time she finally came back with the only kids cake topper she had in store. MINIONS! Wahoo!!
I called pizza hut and made a reservation for pizzas to be picked up tomorrow at 11:30 and couldn't find any good piñata filler candy at the market so I figured I'd go to Walmart tomorrow.

I got back and Wyatt was very eagerly waiting to hand off Charlie. I asked him to get the groceries out of the car for me. To say he was displeased at all I had bought is a downright understatement. He was livid. He gave me a severe tongue lashing on how I spent money we didn't have. I replied saying I told him I was going to go buy things for Danny's party tomorrow. He assumed his parents would buy everything for it and i'm like we aren't making them do that! Anyways. It was one of the few moments in our marital life where I wondered if this would the straw that broke the camels back and lead to our ultimate demise. I had tried my very best to stick to the cheap end of things. leaving so many things behind at the store. whittling down what I had wanted to purchase. The severity of his tongue lashing left me in tears, I know we are on a tight budget. I know. It was his birthday party though! Looking back on it now I'm glad I did it though. We aren't nearly as tight on money now as we were then. hard times. hard times. I'm so happy it all came together thought. I'm eternally grateful for Eric and Linda for covering the cost of the pizza and the candies to fill the piñata because we couldn't afford them. Or maybe we could, but I'm sure they would have costed me my marriage! That whole Utah trip was both wonderful and anxiety filled. My kids weren't sleeping well, which translated to me never sleeping. Kids were sick which was awful. Sammy required round the clock supervision, it kind of did me in I think. I took him on walks as often as I could to give the people in the house a break from his destructiveness!!  I'm so glad we went though. We made lasting memories with our loving family. We are so blessed to have them. It's hard living away but I try to be strong for the family ya know? Both Wyatt and I do that I think. Secretly we both pine to live in Utah but we would never tell one another, or our kids. Somebody's gotta have the firm upper lip right?! Also I will say that anytime we're in Utah Wyatt takes a pretty big break from parenting and it drives me crazy. Little things like changing diapers or putting to bed he doesn't want to do. So I think I get the best version of Wyatt living away from family.