Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What we love about Charlie at 5/6 months!

Picture taken the dec 15. PS that's wyatts old onesie

pictures taken dec. 16. ha 


OH charlie, we love you so much. You are the most loving, sweet baby. Thank you for your sweet spirit and all the love you have to give.

*He loves to suck on his hand.
*starting to eat solids and loving it
*loves watching Danny and Sammy play
*loves his mama and his Daddy
*honestly he just loves everything
*ppl everywhere stop and stare at him because he is so happy.

I feel like my little family is already growing up. makes me kind of sad actually! There was a few weeks when we got back from UT where they loved watching Boss Baby and I miss that. It's such a cute movie and the music from it always seemed fitting. Especially "What the world needs now", I'd look around at my babies and think "All you need is love!". Cuties.

Better still there was a night where Sammy and Danny were randomly awake and I decided to buy the movie Robin Hood. We watched it together at around 2 a.m. It is such a neat memory. I was surprised that they actually sat through it all. Robin Hood became the favorite movie. Sadly they've already moved on from that. Also Sammy went from sayign "ah" (think the noise you make after taking a sip of a carbonated beverage) to (uh hu). Kind of sad about it but Happy he's learning!

My Charlitos is getting so big it makes me happy and sad!

Time you truly are a thief,



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