Saturday, December 16, 2017

All my widlest "Fancy Time" dreams came true when I threw a "Cheers to 2017" party! It was a celebratory goodbye to 2017! What a wonderful year! Started off in Disneyland, gave birth to Charlie and ended it off in Utah having a blast with our family. There were hard times too, but when I look back I think I'll only remember how incredibly blessed I am.
In case you hadn't known about my obsession with my fancy time ritual let me explain it to you. 
Back when Wyatt was doing his rotations out of state Danny and I were flying solo. I thought it was so hard to single parent. During that time on one of my trips to Trader Joes they were giving samples  of cheese with peaches and my life was forever changed! 
That night I "celebrated" making it a few weeks sans Wyatt and my life was forever changed. From that night forward I would celebrate making it to bedtime .
I guess in a way "Fancy Time" made me feel fancy when I wasn't. I was tired and probably had food on my shirt from Danny or something. But for a few minutes at the end of everyday I got to be "fancy".  
I have continued this tradition in my life and was excited to bring it to the next level! Thank you to everyone who came. I appreciate it so much. I couldn't have done it without you guys! Maddison really helped too, seriously wouldn't have come together without her. 
Last but not least Wyatt. Thank you for letting me host girls nights and other fun things with friends. You were forged in the fires of Mount Awesome and will forever be "my precious" haha! 

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