Saturday, November 18, 2017

Samuel's Second Birthday

Sammy I love you so much my heart could burst! I can't believe I've had two thrilling years with you! 

With all my love,


Danny my soccer superstar!

Today was Danny's last game of his first (ever) season of soccer and he killed it! Scored a goal! It was from a distance too! His first time ever being on a team, so I guess we can scratch that off the list of milestones. Oh Danny, you are fantastic! 

PS. I have no idea why pictures look so blurry on blogger..? Photos taken by Brittney Gurr

Monday, November 13, 2017

What we love about Charlie at four months!



  • He finally got his foot in his mouth and it's so cute
  • He started eating rice cereal yesterday and I melt watching him eat it! 
  • All the love he has to give! 

What we love about Charlie at three months


  • Oh where to start...
  • He is THE happiest baby! Seriously, he is just waiting for someone to look at him and smile so he can smile back.
  • His laugh, this kid gives the cutest laughs, all the time! I remember when Samwise was this age he'd give us courtesy laughs, he was stingy with true baby giggles. Not Charlie, He will laugh at just about anything.
  • He's a dream- Charlie is the type of baby who will make you baby hungry, he sits, he's pleasant,  he sleeps. He's perfect. 
  • HE SLEEPS- Danny AND Sammy have been waking up at night and it's killing Wyatt and I. Not Charlie! This kid sleeps 10 hour stretches one time he even slept for 13 hrs straight! (don't worry, I checked on him a lot. plus he sleeps in our room so it's not like we could forget about him.) I figured he'd wake me up at 2 or 3 am to nurse and he totally didn't! 
  • He rolled! Monday Oct 16 was his first time rolling! Way to go Charlie! 
  • He's just happy to be here! I always feel that from him. He just wanted to be part of the brothers. 
  • people stop and look at him everywhere he goes! They always say "I've never seen a baby smile this much in my whole life!" He's my piece of arm candy. No seriously I take him to all social events I'm worried about. 
  • His chatter. OH I LOVE THE BABY BABBLE!! Be still my heart! 
Oh Charlie, We just love you with all our hearts! Thanks for being part of our Family!