Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back when I was engaged my parents lived in an apartment in north orem, they were really pretty apartments. Wyatt and I would go hot tubbing alot and hang out with my parents. Whenever we left to go hot tubing we would leave through the back entrance that faced the next apartment building. On the second floor of that apartment building were these beautiful french doors that led to a fake balcony and they had billowing white curtains and a round baby crib. I always looked at that and wished that maybe some day I'd have the idyllic life that allowed for french doors going off my master bedroom, billowing white curtains and a baby cradle near the doors. So my baby could enjoy the fresh air and have a beautiful, fresh start at life and maybe, have memories of lying in their crib watching the white curtains. 
As the Lord would have it I did get this. My French doors came in the form of sliding glass doors off my master bedroom,  I have white curtains and a sweet baby to sit near the door and watch the curtains move as the fresh air comes in. Arizona has had the most beautiful, perfect weather. 
I live a charmed life. 

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