Wednesday, September 20, 2017

An easy mom win was making this fort with my kids. Danny got this cool kit from the Heatons on his 4th birthday. It's pretty cool. Sammy isn't as eager to make the for so he will often take pieces down as you are trying to build it up. Ah two year olds. Ever the refiners fire! 

There is something so sweet about a sleeping baby, oh I just love him! 

I mean, I love our backyard, so much. 

Perfect day

One of the few times we actually used our yard due to the imminent domain of the wasps. 

Yes, We used our kitchen table as a tv stand, for a few months actually. Sammy wouldn't stop climging on it or turning the TV off while others where watching it (namely Danny, making for a very grumpy danny). I saw a beautiful one at Costco on sale so I quickly sold ours to go buy the one at costco. To my dismay it was no longer on sale. So we went  few months without a TV stand until Wyatt's parents generously bought us a new one (Walmart! It looks legit!) 

Having a baby do some tummy time in front of a book is something Baouyen taught me. FYI she's pregnant! expecting a baby girl, she'll be an expert mom.

I hope I always remember danny's fascination with nick knacks. He has piles of "treasure" which to me look like marbles, coins and odd ended springs that have fallen out of a broken toy. We keep his "treasures" in the closet, safely away from Sammys grasp (as per Danny's request)

this cutie got good student award. Monts later this is still hanging on our fridge, yes I feel guilty. IN my defense Peter Piper Pizza is over 30 min away. 

Always loved the bedhead babies get after nursing! 

Clever Sammy found differnet ways to stack the little blocks

sweet baby snuggles! I swear it was relaxing for me and it seemed to melt away my troubles. 

these cuties! 

One of the many times we got up around 3 am to watch a show. Robin Hood was our show of choice this time and I thought that was so sweet. 

Danny's clever creation

Ah tummy time, so exhausting

Charlie's lucky that both his brothers really truly love him. it's very sweet.

We had a pregnancy scare, no explanation other than we are reckless! Anyways when I took a pregnancy test it came back with a question mark... ok. Thanks. I took another and it said negative. PHEW. 

Cute Danny was so excited about his glasses. He wanted me to take a picture of them. When I sat in my room to nurse Charlie (door open but baby gate up) I heard Danny scream at Sammy "No Sammy don't touch that book!!" (he was referring to a Chic Fil A book. It was a silly book, I was ok with him ripping it if he did). Again the yelling persisted, "Sammy don't touch the book" I said "Danny it's alright, that book was kind of silly, It's ok if he plays with it we don't need it".... silence for a few min was followed by a blood curdling yell from Danny saying "NOOOOOO!!!! SAMMY YOU ARE THE WORST! GO AWAY SAMMY YOU AREN'T MY FRIEND". Annoyed I yelled "Danny, let him play with it, It's ok!! Quit yelling!". Loud crying from Danny followed. I had to finish my nursing session early to come out and tell Danny to quiet down.  (I nursed in my room on my rocking chair with the baby gate up because Sammy would crawl on me, hit the baby and otherwise do other mischief if I nursed out in the living room). When I climbed over the baby gate fence Danny was full on yelling at Sammy and I yelled "STOP!!!". Only to realize that Sammy was holding Danny's new glasses, the ones he had been so proud of,  as I lunged forward to grab them out of Sammy's hands he ripped them. Danny fell to his knees in full blown tears, agony. My heart broke for Danny. Somewhere in between Crying sessions from Danny Sammy switched from a useless book to Danny's prized possessions, but I didn't know that. I had yelled back to Danny to "let him play with it" aka the glasses, but I thought he was playing with the book. Poor Danny let Sammy play with the glasses because I yelled over to let him. Easily one of the worst moments of my motherhood. I felt sick. I tried taping it back together and luckily I did. This is me taking a picture of him after I had tried fixing them. Poor Danny, I'll carry this guilt with me forever.  

brownies for Wyatt after I had a productive day and wanted to be a loving wife. Sometimes I do sweet things like this. 

me trying to be a more fun mom with the kids. I like doing this like this, only it's hard with Charlie because he'll wake up and need to nurse at any min!

Charlie my technicolor dream baby! My joseph! 

Idk why I think that kids watching TV on the couch is so sweet. 

Nice view of Wyatt checking out our new washer ;)

I got my haircut and I loved it, for a full week my hair looked awesome! So Why not take selfies.

The only picture I have of my dad's visit!!! I was so grateful he came to visit as Wyatt was out of town for a full week. we went on walks and ate good food. I would expect nothing less.