Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Seize the fat one!

Yesterday was really hard. Not gonna lie. I woke up at two am because I was hot and couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. All day I was tired, Charlie was fussy, and Sammy is teething. Honestly, I thought I'd loose my mind. I was frustrated that I couldn't take them anywhere. While Dany and Sammy are a good age for playing in splash pads or pools, Charlie isn't. I can't take him out in 100 degree heat! 
These are hard days, which is sad because it's when my babies are babies and soo adorable. I could kiss them all day. But that's life I guess. When they finally get to an age where we can run around together and do adventures it'll last like two years, then they'll be teenagers and hate me. uuggghhh why? Why does right now have to feel like a runaway train ride? Why instead couldn't' it be a leisure bike ride? You know, so you can "stop and smell the roses" and enjoy this time because "it goes so fast". I guess you just have to embrace the"Flying umbrella" and learn to let other things go like being well rested, eating a meal without someone pulling on your hair, or you know, your sanity. 

Nice thing is that for every two hours of wanting to pull your hair out you get golden moments. Like when your 4 year old says "Mom I just love you SO MUCH" or when your 20 month old tries to breastfeed his stuffed animal. 

Ah, life is wonderful.

PS Robin Hood and Maid Marian, babes on babes on babes. Why does Disney make their animated animal characters so attractive?!

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