Sunday, August 6, 2017

What we love about Charles Month 1!

hat worn by all three of my babies <3

Taken the day after I brought him home

My little love bug

soaking in my sweet baby

ahh! he's grown so much already, love those chubby cheeks

Funny, he won't take a pacifier anymore, like we left the hospital and he wouldn't take it anymore. None of my babies did! 

Penny for your thoughts Charles

Newborn heaven


watching the rain

How idyllic is this? There is nothing better in the whole world than knowing you have a precious newborn sleeping on your bed. 

When Sammy was a new baby I watched "Call the Midwife" during our days at home (I'm so sorry Danny, I really wish our days hadn't been filled with so much screen time, thank you for still loving me. I was trying to survive!) the series lost its luster after it lost its main character. Weird that she was still narrating it though... Anyways, a quote from that show really stuck with me. It said ...

"Are babies precious because we love them so much? Do we love them so much because they are precious?"

Im leaning towards the latter. There is NOTHING in the world like snuggling your newborn. yeah they are a lot of work. But oh my goodness are they worth it. Everytime I hold Charlie I try to really take in what it feels like to have his little body curled up on my chest. Smell his hair or kiss his cheeks. He is heavenly and he's mine. All mine :) So without further ado here is what we love (most) about Charlie at month 1. Yes, I know I'm nearly a month late, always trying to hang on to my babies a little longer!!


*everything, omg everything, we are smitten
*He is so sweet. Wyatt and I were saying that he is our sweetest baby thus far. His little spirit, his love of snuggling
*He is a cuddler! He loves to be snuggled and he'll rest his head on your shoulder and stay there for hours
* He's starting coo'ing and I melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July every time I hear him
*He laughed two nights ago! His first laugh. Friday August 4th! Yes he was sleeping but i'm still counting it! 
*He said hi to me yesterday. I swear he did. I leaned over his crib and said "HI!" and he said "hi" back to me
*he loves his brothers, I can already tell he just loves them!I keep getting the impression or feeling that he's just happy to be here! He's so content. yes he has fussy moments and yes they can be exhaustive but the good far outweighs the bad with this sweet boy
*He is so happy, I really do feel like he just wanted to be part of the family so badly. He had to make the jump. He jumped and hoped we would love him as much as he loved us and we are so in love! 
*his sweet newborn smell. nothing better in the world
*His strength. this baby is so strong!! the minute he was born he lifted his head around and took a look at the world (at his dad actually). He does tummy time and doesn't even fuss. 
*His love, he is so full of love and smiles. He already shares love with everyone and we are so lucky to call him our #5
*most nights he gives me 5-6 HOUR STRETCHES (maybe my favorite thing on this list ;) 

Time is going by too quickly!!!! Slow down because my baby won't be a baby forever, they grow so fast!!! 

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