Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The boys and I baking muffins 

Sometimes I have the most wonderful days. Filled with good feelings, laughter and love. Other days I don't. I imagine that's the normal for most people. Yesterday was one of those days that seemed like a dream. Almost too good to be true even. We played in the backyard all morning and it was the first time I truly felt that I got to enjoy it. We played soccer, we played catch, explored the backyard and loved each other's company. We went inside for Sammy to take a nap and Danny to have quiet time. All these years I've been doing quiet time backwards. Where we watch TV ALL DAY and for quiet time I hoped he'd play with toys quietly in his room. This,  as you might imagine didn't go over very smoothly. I've since then realized it has to be done the other way around.?
One day randomly I decided to break ties with our TV (actually I had heard someone left the TV behind and my competitive spark was lit.

 Honestly it felt like breaking an addiction. It's been a very positive thing for the kids and I. We still watch it, but maybe 1-2 hrs a day. We actually play the rest of it! I don't know how I did it. It just sort of clicked. But I've been so happy about it. Yesterday they didn't watch any TV and we all felt like we were walking on air the whole day. We had a one hour dance party before bed. Totally out of the blue. It was so fun. And wow, my energy. I have no idea where all that energy came from. I was up with them at 5:30pm and all day I had the energy to keep up with them and play with them.
I love my boys they are the treasure in my life and am so lucky they love me!



PS. I deactivated FB and don't have the IG app either. It's been very freeing. though sometimes I miss keeping up with people I love! So once a month or so I'll drop in on them to see how they're doing. last time I did a friend of mine posted a picture of her with her 2 month baby and toddler and. It was a very casual picture. Nothing special, no makeup or matching clothes or clean house. Her description of the picture really hit home with me. It's pretty much exactly how I feel! See below...

The days are long, the pictures (and reality­čśé) unflattering and the joy and love unmeasurable. I wouldn't trade these sleepless nights in the trenches for anything, these little humans need so much and sometimes it's overwhelming but I know I will not always be so needed and I know that right now I am their whole world and I'm just going to take a minute and soak it all in whenever I can. ❤️

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