Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Spy

On a particularly overwhelming day in Utah I emerged from the basement at my in laws house looking to get a bottle for Sammy and put him down for a nap ASAP. Sammy and Charlie had both drained me for the day and I was SO ready for nap time. When I got to the kitchen I saw Danny and Linda looking through an I Spy book. My heart melted, when did he become old enough to enjoy I Spy? I didn't grow with those books so it was new to me. He looked so grown up and cute I was jealous that it wasn't me playing I Spy with him. I just love Danny so much. He's sweet, kind, intelligent and fun. Anytime he see's someone sitting out of a game or looking lonely at all he'll say "Hi! I'm Danny, come sit next to me". One time at a store he told a girl she looked "Beautiful in her pretty flower dress" heart eyes for days.

While looking through his backpack for school I found his "treasures" a bag of rocks Linda bought him while they were at the cabin, a set of keys, batman action figure and ziplock bag full of nickels and dimes. I thought my heart would explode, I think i've waited my whole life to have a little boy who liked spiderman, the flash, ninja turtles (angry turtles, as he used to call them) and ironman (we're not super keen to superman yet). I'm so lucky to be his mom and I'm trying so hard to be a good mom to him. It's hard having two other babies to take care of but Danny is very patient with me. Thanks Danny, You're the best boy!

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