Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Somewhere Only We Know

I had a sweet moment with Charlie out on the deck today. I sat on the porch swing with him and just rocked with him. I tried so hard to take him all in. Babies grow so fast, they change everyday. I know I'm going to miss the moments when he needed me to hold him and snuggle him. I listened to the song "Somewhere only we know" on Youtube because I'm too broke to buy the song, ha. exhausted and poor. It made me want to have that moment with him everyday and I think I will, it'll be my special moment with Charlie. Sitting somewhere only we know.

So far I've had a song special to each one of my kids and I love this one for Charlie. Danny and I used to sing Do Re Mi together (sound of music) before we went to bed. I rediscovered the song Reverie Sound Revue with Sammy.  I remember I used to listen to Reverie Sound Revue before Wyatt came home, trying to hold on!  I also remember that I used to go on walks everyday with Danny and Sammy, trying to kill time. It was sooo stressful for me, I was worried Sammy would fuss or that I'd have to feed him while I was out and about. But on the bright side it was always beautiful weather, cool crips air and watching the sun go down. I saw some of the prettiest skies and sunsets. I also saw birds fly over us, a lot, and somehow they always felt like a reminder of how beautiful my life was...  or if it was a bad day that I would get through it! Memories!

 I'm happy to say I don't worry  about breastfeeding in public anymore with Charlie. I feed him anywhere and anytime. I guess third time is the charm right?

Well, Charlie is still awake and possibly requires a little more effort on my part then just using my foot to rock his crib.



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