Friday, July 7, 2017

Remember when it rained

On a particularly rough evening with my kids seeing my in laws and Alex and Maddison come home was like rain after a drought. When Alex and Maddison came through the door they said it was raining. I quickly asked Mads if she'd hold Charlie and I ran outside. I held my arms out and let the rain come down on me. I felt like it was washing away the bad feelings of the day and cleaning me,so I could be a clean slate. It was exactly what I needed. Remember when I couldn't enjoy the rain because of Menieres? I remembered that too, my heart swelled with happiness and gratitude. 

I let the rain wash me clean and decided that from here on out I would enjoy every minute with my babies because someday I'd miss their days of being little and the problems we would face would be more complicated... affording college, school, homework, soccer, piano, problems with friends etc.  For now I'll try to just enjoy the simplicity of just taking care of my little people. It's physically hard, because I'm surviving off of 35 seconds of sleep and holding babies all day. But someday I'll be getting full nights sleep and my babies will be older and won't need (or want) to be held. 

So this is me from here on out trying to enjoy this stage of life so that when this chapter closes I'll know I loved it to the fullest extent. 



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