Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Casa Anthony

In case you wondered what our days looked like here at Casa Anthony you don't have to wonder anymore. Danny took a few videos, without me knowing (yikes!). I'm glad he did it though, I think they're sweet!


Here are a few videos I took, but still do a good job of summing up our daily life.

This cute slug (snail?) has stood the test of time and proven to be the most successful christmas gift we got for the boys. I got it on a whim while at target. It was being played with in the store and it looked disgusting. Like nasty. It was covered in hair and sticky stuff. Anyways I took it to customer service  and told them I wanted to buy it. They were reluctant to sell it to me because of the state it was in, but ended up giving it to me for $12. Win! Both boys play with it daily and they both fly! since our house is mainly tile they gain a lot of speed! They also like storing things in it, we'll find anything from the remote control to bottles of milk.

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