Monday, November 7, 2016

Remember the voice of Jefferson

Well kids we made it to the day before the Election. What? That happened fast. This is crazy, I can't believe that it's 2016 and the absolute best we can muster up from both parties are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Jeez. I miss Bernie, he was honest.

I've been watching a series on Netflix called "The Crown" and it is really good. It took 125 million dollars to produce. Apparently Netflix wanted to get more subscribers across the pond and they realized that if they wanted more subscribers from a certain country they needed to have a show that resonated with them. The drama follows the life of young Queen Elizabeth. The acting is excellent, the cinematography is beautiful and the landscapes stunning. But as I've delved in deeper with the series I have come to realize that the Monarchy and the Royalty many admire are broken imperfect things. Many times throughout the series the characters talk about how their roles as Royalty are callings from God. When in reality God is nowhere to be seen in the monarchy.
When Queen Elisabeth is coronated in the show it shows that she is anointed with oil as were "Kings and Priests of old", this part of the coronation is also hidden from view on televisions because it is believed that this sacred act is taking an ordinary mortal woman and making her as a Goddess, a Queen. It sickened me to watch this unfold.  "They draw near to me with their lips"
Few things irritate me more than someone who is pretending to be something they are not. Also, self righteousness eats away at me. Both of these traits are rampant in this series. I know it's a television show and of course there is going to be drama like this. But this is different,  people everywhere stop what they are doing to get a glimpse into the lives of Royalty. They kneel before them and pledge their allegiance. Yet saying a prayer in thanks to God is either too much effort or time wasted.
Somewhere along the last few years I have begun to develop relatively strong opinions on topics I used to care little about. I'm not sure I love that. I've often wondered why, maybe I'm growing up? Maybe I'm less mature than I was a few years ago. But this is one of those strong opinions. The only person who deserves to be kneeled before is God and Jesus Christ. Our maker. Our protector.  I'm slowly becoming aware of how many false idols there are in the world, and it's sad. Sad that people will defend Hillary Clinton to the end of their days yet don't believe in God. No matter what vile things Trump does some will still support him and look to him as a leader.  Yet many who feel as though God has abandoned them for a small moment will never trust in him again.
Isn't that interesting?  Some say "how can I believe in God if I've never seen him?" to that I think "well, you've never seen Clinton/Trump in person, how can you believe they are what you believe them to be?".
In my humble opinion I believe that they are both corrupt in different ways. Hillary seems very fake to me, she's so well rehearsed, knows exactly what she's going to say and when. Never a step out of the line. That seems shady to me. Trump is a trainwreck, saying things to put others down and believing himself to be God himself. Now, I will say that he hasn't gotten a fair shot with the media. He's always portrayed as a monster... he makes it too easy.
Our presidential nominees are disappointing indeed.  Where are the days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? How did we go from fair, honest, brave nominees to Donald Trump? Somewhere past presidents are rolling in their graves. How is it that none of our nominees have never been part of the armed forces? I know Lincoln wasn't, but still. Presidents used to be war heroes! I think that in order to be president a nominee should have to have served in the military.
Well this is long, a lot longer than I had expected. Sorry. But in case you wondered what was on my mind lately, you know now!

Con todo mi cariƱo,

PS. Post title brought to you by an amazing song! I love this song and I've been listening to it on repeat leading up to the election. Oh, in case you're wondering I'm not voting. It's my opinion that the electoral college is obsolete.

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