Sunday, November 13, 2016

Of thee I sing

As you know, Trump won the presidency. The day after the election there was a feeling of unease across the United States. I think everyone (Trump supporters included) were shocked by the election results and were still trying to digest it.

I ran a few errands that day and one of them included dropping off some snacks at Danny's school. After I loaded the kids back into the car I turned the key only to hear the horrifying sound that signifies your cars' battery is dead. I panicked a little and looked up to see a woman standing on the side walk with her two daughters waiting to see if my car would start. She mouthed "are you ok?" and I got out of my car to say no, I wasn't.

The next few minutes were spent with me on the phone with AAA and my good samaritan looking for someone with jumper cables. She was parked next to me so she could give me a jump. I was still on hold with AAA when she found someone willing to help. A stern looking man of few words. He had come to the school to pick up his daughter and had two other daughters with him.

After bringing his jumper cables over to my car he asked me to pop the hood of my car. I shyly told him I didn't know how to. He walked over to my car and figured out how to pop the hood, he popped the hood of the other woman's car as well. He connected the cables and told the woman to turn on her car and rev her engine then he walked to my car and turned it on. The sound of my car turning on made my heart sing! Relief washed over me as I realized I wouldn't be stuck at Danny's school with two kids for an hour or two waiting for AAA.

As I watched all of our kids playing together I realized something. America is going to be just fine. I didn't tell you that the man who came to my rescue was a Trump supporter. Made apparent by the "Make America Great Again" sticker on his car. The woman who stopped to help me was a Clinton supporter.

The country may still be reeling from the election but when you get down to it, we are all proud to call the United States of America our home. We are, first and foremost, friendly neighbors who stop out of concern when a young mother car won't start.  Parents who know the struggle of living off of 4 hours of sleep at night and internet users who love a good meme. Good bless America.

con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. Neil diamond has been on repeat lately. Because 'Murica

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