Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños Samuel Everette!

Dear Sammy, you have been a joy in our family. It's been our pleasure to have you, Happy Birthday you cute cute baby! We love you so much our hearts could burst! For your celebration we ate Chic Fil A and had cupcakes. Of course an Anthony birthday wouldn't be complete without a piñata. Here's to many many more celebrations of your birthday and to getting to know the wonderful little boy and amazing man you turn out to be! Thank you for picking us! 

A few cute things you do
* You howl, it's adorable. One time in specific when you woke up crying at night you briefly stopped crying and tried howling to get our attention. It was heartbreaking and adorable. I was almost at your room when you did that so it proved effective.
* Your scoot,  is the cutest thing to boot. 
* When you want a bottle you say "ne ne". So cute, sometimes you'll stand at the fridge and pull at the handles and say "na na!!!!" 
* Dada = Daddy. You get so excited when he comes home from work, you scoot so so fast! You are sad every morning he leaves. 
* Da= Danny. You love your brother, so much. He is so patient and kind. You definitely push his buttons and we spend all day trying to get you to leave him alone! 
* You wake up happy and ready for hugs or kisses.
* You refuse to say mama!!! You only say it when you are angry or demanding something. On very few occasions have you said "mama" out of sadness or excitement. When I try to coax you to say "mama" you say "dada", stinker! 


Cinditia, mama 

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