Sunday, November 13, 2016

Delete my internet history when I'm gone

Shock. Complete shock is what Wyatt and I felt in the early hours of Wednesday November 9th. It is without a doubt that November 8th 2016 will go down in history. We were both exhausted (kids... we're looking at you) but when we saw Trump win Florida our jaws dropped and we knew he had to stay up to watch this. Many times throughout the election coverage we lamented that neither of us had Facebook and could therefore not see the drama unfold among people we know. We hopped on for a minute (my profile) and found it to be quite dull. (#fexit)

For most of the election coverage we tuned into CNN and were not disappointed. They did a fine job of reporting the minute by minute change and every time we saw "Prediction alert" pop up on screen we sat up a little straighter and focused our attention. I was in a group message with my family and a few texts were exchanged between Wyatt's family as well. Mainly I sent them the best memes the internet had offered me regarding the election, they were marvelous.

Canada during the election^^^^^

Watching the election coverage Wyatt and I had a mixture of feelings. Shock, excitement, dismay and amusement. It was comical to see the shocked expressions on the otherwise composed faces of the CNN newscasters. Even as they were reporting the numbers a shadow of doubt and confusion would creep in on their faces. Here's a little compilation of our experience that night

The moment when they announced that Hillary called Donald Trump to sucede and congratulate him I felt sadness. I couldn't understand why exactly I was sad. It's not like I had been a Clinton supporter but also something inside me felt bad for a woman who was in Politics her whole life and was "this close" to winning the election. Sure she was corrupt beyond belief, but she had fought with everything she had to call the White House home. It was not to be. To the relief of many and the dismay of others.

Really when it was announced that Hillary Clinton would not be speaking that night it was apparent that she had lost. I felt bad for her. It made her human to me. Someone who had otherwise been so composed and given the same picture perfect smile was probably crushed. She was heavily criticized for not coming out to speak that night. Which lead to things like this...

The newscasters loosing composure like this is probably a small taste of how the rest of the country was feeling. For months the media and the polls had it looking like Hillary was going to win. Did I not say in my last post I was confident she would win? What happened?! Apparently the "The silent Trump vote"  had a lot to do with his win. People who weren't comfortable telling others that they supported Trump yet stood in long lines to silently support a man they believed would change their lives for the better.

You have to understand, everywhere EVERWHERE the media was so pro clinton. I remember seeing a meme that said "Where these Trump supporters at? I'm beginning to think they don't exist". Clinton supporters were so outspoken, both in real life and all over social media. I can't tell you the number of Facebook rants I read through. If anyone even thought about supporting Trump they were quickly stamped down by liberals.

Liberals are interesting. They are so outspoken. They cry for equality and fairness for everyone, yet when it really comes down the the wire I'm not sure they would be too happy to live out the reforms they are hoping for. Also, I had a funny thought. How many people in the military do you know of are liberal? Maybe there's a ton, I don't know but everyone I know who is in the military is definitely conservative.

I'm not sure if I can categorize myself as a liberal or a conservative. I act like a liberal and am a hater of self righteousness and social exclusivity. But, at the heart of it I'm afraid I'm quite dull. I'm sorry, does that disappoint you? In the end I'm more conservative than I admit. Like I mentioned in the post before... I think I'm growing up... About time, I'm 26 and have two kids....

Though many were happy about Trumps win, confirmed by the counting of the popular vote. Some freaking lost their minds. They were crushed and truly thought (and continue thinking) their lives are ruined. One newscaster had this to say...

I was actually really touched by the part where he says "you tell your kids not to be bullies". Because it's true! We as a country are trying to control cyber bullying and yet our president elect is a huge bully! But I don't think it's as much a cause of panic as some people make it out to be... I really loved this nice little speech by Stephen Colbert.

That's a long video, but it's worth every minute. Watch it.

So there you have it folks. My thoughts on the 2016 election results. Guess You'll be hearing more of this jam

I have to admit it's catchy.

Lastly, I want to mention that Secretary Clintons speech was really touching. I actually cried during it.

With that I'm done.

Con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. This was my favorite election meme.

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