Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween fright!

Is anyone else having a wild Halloween? Just thought I'd ask because mine seems to be spinning out of control! Happy Halloween! Stay safe :)

con todo mi cariño,


Angry turtles

For Halloween 2016 we were "Angry turtles" as Danny calls them. In fairness, they do look pretty mad.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dancing in the moonlight

When we moved into our house Wyatt's parents gave us some money to get furniture and other fun things to make our new house ours. Naturally we sought out a piano. I had always wanted one so we were pretty excited when we found the perfect one on craigslist. I swear to you it spoke to me when I saw the picture. We ended up buying it for $250 and had A LOT of help moving it into our home. It's a gorgeous piano and I need to play it a lot more. So hard with kids! WE needed to get it tuned and have the bench lowered (it was an organ bench). Before purchasing the piano I looked around it trying to see if there was anything immediately wrong with it. I found the business card of a tuner who had tuned the piano last year. So when we bought the piano and got it settled we had him come tune to piano. He did a phenomenal job and really took time and effort to get the job done. In all I think he was here for nearly 3 hours. I couldn't help but take some pictures of the piano while he was working on it, it's so cool! 

His tools were gifted to him by his grandpa who was also a piano tuner. Some of the tools were used back in the 50s! Crazy huh? 

Anyways, the piano sounds gorgeous. A big thank you to my mom who helped us pay for it to be tuned. Though he was very reasonably priced we still couldn't swing it. 

I'm in love with my piano and so grateful for everyone who has made it possible for it to be mine! Thank you!

Con todo mi cariño,


PS. If you are looking for a piano tuner I highly recommend Larry, he was wonderful!
Larry  (480) 316-0060

PS. Post title brought to you by this song, which I still want to learn on the piano.

I spent like two seconds in the bathroom and came back out to find this mess. Honestly kids, all day you need something then when things quiet down you guys make a hot mess. Why?!