Thursday, September 22, 2016

You all smell wonderful!

We dressed up for "Talk like a pirate day" at Krispi Kreme... I was a little late in the game with this one. Becky told me the day of that you could get free donuts for dressing up like a pirate. We didn't have any pirate clothes so we made do with other stuff (Pterodactyl is my favorite part of the get up) (side note, can you believe the spelling in pterodactyl?! wtf how is someone supposed to learn english with all these silent letters?!) ....  Please excuse Wyatt's drawn on mustache. He hated, claimed I did a terrible job!

As you can see we ended up at Bosa Donuts, along with a ton of other pirates. The line at Krispi Kreme was criminal. Anyways it was fun and I appreciate Wyatt being down with my spur of the moment activities. Love you boo!

Con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. Post title brought to you by this awesome Geico commercial. I crack up every time! Also, at the end of the video there are mini "Pirate code" videos, those are pretty funny too!

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