Monday, September 19, 2016

Where's my diet coke?

A few weeks ago we went to the Arizona vs BYU game here in AZ. It was a blast! Since it was the first game of the season tons of BYU fans came out to watch it including a bunch of Anthony's. My in-laws, Trevor and Taylor flew down here; Alex and Maddison drove from Flagstaff too! 

Danny was in heaven having so many relatives in town and he surprisingly did really well at the game! (helps when you have a lot of people to help share the load)

Anyways, as you know I'm still super camera happy so I took my camera with me in hopes of making a little video. I was surprised they let me take my camera, but they first had to make sure it was a real camera with a real lens--apparently people try to sneak in beer cans with fake camera lenses. I know, right?

Before we left for the game we kind of hung out around the house and even had a small fancy time! I do love my fancy time. BTW I found THE BEST sparkling grape juice at World Market. Sadly, they are discontinuing it :( So I bought all the available bottles at the Gilbert and Queen Creek store (don't worry I bought them for $2.50 a piece! win!). So I'm good for a little while ;).

Danny and his Grandma Linda, two peas in a pod

I was planning on having a fancy time Sunday after dinner but Trevor asked when we were popping open the bubbly, so I was like "now!" why not? Since he had never opened a cork bottle I let him do the honors.

The fancy time cheese was amazing! Afterwards we headed to the game. It was so much fun. I've come a long way.  My second date with Wyatt was a BYU football game, and it was terrible! I hated it--Wyatt loved it. No one warned me the game would last nearly 4 hours! What's worse is it was in the middle of the day, and I was starving! I asked my roommates whether I should eat before going to the game and they're like "nah, it's a date! He'll probably buy you lunch while you're there!". NO! That's not what happened! I kept dropping hints like "Dang, I'm hungry" and Wyatt without turning to me said "Yeah you should go get something to eat, I'm hungry too!". I eventually left the game and got myself lunch. I know I have a picture of that game somewhere... I'll look for it and post it later.

It took a few years to realize that college football was more than just "watching the game" I still don't understand it. Sorry, not sorry. It's about being with family.

I don't understand why this picture is so blurry, it kills me.Might of been who took it? Or maybe the way it was saved? I've been using Google photo to save all my pictures, but I'm wondering if it's making them blurry. Idk, I might switch over to something else. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it!

This is all the family we had at the game! Many many Anthony's! I'm sure this is the case for just about anyone who roots for a team. It's a family thing, and oddly enough it can bring families closer together. You all feel the despair of losing and the sweet joy of winning. It's cool.

Seeing all these Anthony's together in one spot reminded me of Derelys, Wyatt's grandma. Oh my gosh, I 100% guarantee you have never met a woman like that. She's wild! She was so much fun and she was a HUGE BYU fan! HUGE! She used to make fudge for all the BYU players and coaches after EVERY GAME. Guys she MADE FUDGE EVERY WEEK. You can read more about her on Deseret News.  We were all sad when she passed, but I'm happy I got to know her. She's my spirit animal for sure. When I got married into the family everyone on the Anthony side said I was the new Grandma Anthony. Take that as you please, but man, she was something else.

I love the Anthony's, they are wild, loud, outspoken and crazy fun. I might suspect them to be Mexican if I didn't know any better.

Stephanie and her daughter Haleigh are probably some of the nicest people I've ever met!

Sharon! No more words are necessary :)

what was that about sharing the load?

Travis and Kristen in the background

I just love Jamee's smile here!

Kim, he's so nice. Genuinely nice. I told him to strike a pose and this is what he did! We're lucky to live so close to him and Kristen!  
I randomly saw Kelsi at the game, crazy right? (I went to high school with her) Her baby is adorable. 

I'm really not satisfied with the video, and I think of all the videos I've made so far I like this one the least. I normally make the video then find a song that fits, but I really like this song right now and I thought it was fitting because it reminded me of Derelys--certain lyrics such as... "missing from the photographs" " everyminute of every hour I miss you" "I'll be dancing at the funeral" (her funeral was the best ever, doesn't make sense I know, but if you knew her it would make sense).

The other part of the song I thought was fitting was when it says "Watching through my fingers" because honestly at around 43 seconds it was intense. so bad.

Taylor's face captured everyone's dismay when AZ scored a touchdown. We kind of all wanted to die. 

I'm convinced Maddison was avoiding feeling what we all felt by playing with Danny--dead guy duty. 

She's not feeling the heat like the rest of us, she's checked out of the game. 

Here it is, the momen I felt like throwing up. The moment you start lying to yourself and saying "psh I don't even care about this game"
The agony!

But then...

Sweet victory!

Everywhere people celebrating!

Anyways this post is so long... here's the video. Like I said earlier, not my favorite video (or Wyatt's, he hates the song!). Sometimes I couldn't get the words in the song to match up to specific frames of the video. Also, the first frame I knew I wanted a picture of people cheering so I asked everyone to all cheer and go wild! No one was cheering around them, it was great. Love you guys, thank you so much for coming down and taking us to the game! xo

Con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. Post title brought to you by Linda

 Linda asking all of us where her diet coke is

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