Friday, September 9, 2016

Sand horses

I'm about a week behind on this blog, but it's better than a few months behind! Eh? ANYWAYS. All summer long I wanted to take Danny to the Arizona Science Center, so he could see the World Of Giant Insects exhibit. I could imaging no greater bliss for a three year old boy. Unfortunately I sat on the fence about going for a while because it's bomb expensive. However, my friend Randa sold me tickets that she never got around to using, so I was pretty stoked about that! Also, for anyone interested there will be FREE general admission to the Arizona Science Center September 17-18 2016. 

I'm not gonna lie when I say that going to the science center made me all sorts of nervous. Those who know me well know that I struggle with anxiety. Don't worry, it's not huge. Essentially, Menieres did more than mess me up physically. It left me fragile and paranoid.  Thankfully since moving to AZ my Menieres has been awesome. I thank the Lord everyday. But I do have anxiety that it will come back. Lately however, my anxiety has focused on migraines. I get migraines maybe once or twice a year, but when they happen it's debilitating and horribly painful.  Multiple times each day, I worry that I'll get one if I leave my house, but I refuse to stay home and let it own me.  Everyday I pray that I'll get to and from places safely.  Considering all things, my anxiety is a work in progress; I've even gone to therapy for it, and i'm happy to say it really helped. 

Though this trial sucks, it has also helped me grow and feel the Lord's love for me and my children. Every time I've suffered through a migraine the Lord has helped me through it in some shape way or form. One time in particular I was in CT and I couldn't find anyone to watch Danny for me when I got a migraine. By some miracle (The Lord) Danny took a six hour nap that day. SIX HOURS. This is DANNY we're talking about. He has never been a good sleeper, as in if he takes a 30 min nap after 3pm he can stay up till long after midnight. I have a long list of tender mercies that have helped me with this trial. I know that the Lord is mindful of us and what we need. 

Despite my anxiety, I try to get out and do some fun things with the niños. More likely than not I'll go with a friend and it's even better.  Mom friends, seriously, what would I do without them? probably die. jk. but really.

I met Ashley online, that sounds funny, but it's true! Her son Gavin is three (almost four) years old and he and Danny are like two peas in a pod! Her adorable daughter Charlie was born two months (?) after Sammy so basically it's awesome. I'm glad they could come to the Science Center with us. I could say a ton about how wonderful Ashley is, but I think I'll just leave to with the simple statement that she is lovely. I'm lucky to be friends with her. She probably has a waiting list of sorts. 

I made a little video of our trip because I've always wanted to make a cheesy little video of my kid at a museum of sorts. Nice videos make everything cooler. 

Also, the restaurant we went to Pizzeria Bianco, is delicious. I'm a pizza snob (Let's hear it for Pepe's! or Frank Pepe if you're being snobby) CT is where it's at for pizza. The pizza at Bianco's may not be Pepe's but I was surprised at how good it tasted. Check it out. I think I paid like $13.80 for my pizza. Definitely worth it.

That's all from me today.

Con todo mi cariño,

PS. Post title brought to you by a show I'm all sorts of excited about. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It's a mini series so that can be good or bad. Good because you get closure fast, but bad because it ends so quickly :(. My friend Karen told me about it a long time ago but it wasn't on Netflix, you could buy it on Amazon Prime... but.... yea. It's on Netflix now and my father-in-law thought I might like it. He was right, I love it. (if you decide to watch it, be warned, it's dark)

Wyatt and I love all things magical. The Magicians is probably Wyatt's favorite book series and is definitely in my top 5. 18 years+ readers only (language here and there and some kissy kissy scenes). Watching this series is everything I imagined and hoped magic would really be like. I had always thought you would have to be really smart to practice magic and very dedicated. I really wish BBC had gotten the rights to The Magicians before syfy because they are murdering the books. Terribly cast as well.  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell is much cooler and more like what I imagined the book The Magicians could be like. OH WELL. We can't have it all. 

Here's a scene from this mini series, again, it's probably one of my favorite shows now. This is right up there with Stranger Things... maybe even better than Stranger Things. But that's just my opinion.  

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