Thursday, August 11, 2016

This is pretty good yeast

The other day I was watching Malcolm in the Middle during Sammy's nap. I let Danny play with his Ipad so we could all have a moment to ourselves. After our moment was over Danny flipped out. I mean went bat crazy! He started banging his head against the couch saying he wanted his ipad back. It was at this moment I realized I had created a monster.
Whether or not Danny watches TV or plays with his  Ipad is all dependent on me. We usually do pretty good about it, but man 4pm-5:30pm really get to me. Am I rite? That's basically my shut down time. So in an effort to avoid shut down time I'm going to try and do one little activity with him during that time.  I thought about not putting it on the blog initially but then decided against it. Danny, let this be proof that I made a real effort to do things with you! Lest you have memories of only watching TV with me!

First up on the list is a really easy one


And in case anyones interested... How to do it....

You'll need:
A plate
Warm water

How to do it:
Put skittles on a plate in a circle and pour warm water in. DONE

Time spent: 45 minutes, we had fun making different color combinations. I was surprised actually. 

There ya have it Danny, mama loves you! (imagine that being said in a Ma'Fratelli voice) 

Ps. Post title brought to you by Gentleman Broncos!

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