Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stranger Things

As you know I've been gone since easters, well I'm back. I think. Here's a video I made summarizing our last month (sort of). As usual it took forever to make and I wish I could have included more, but I'm happy with it.

PS. Post title brought to you by the Netflix Original Stranger Things. If you haven't watched it, you definitely should. It came out in July and BLEW UP. Obviously, the star of the show (Barb) is incredible, we all need a friend like Barb. 


  1. Cindy! This video is so cute!! I'm glad I was able to see you while you were here and I wish we could've hung out more. Thanks for coming with me to Shell Yes!!

  2. Love the video, Cindy! Have a great week, beautiful! xx