Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm with Child Protective Services


MAY 2016- The past month has been a roller coaster. Basically the housing market is loco for chocopuffs and it has taken me for a ride. Like a bull-ride. So what happened is that about a month ago I was cruisin through Trulia when I spotted a home in Morrison Ranch (I know!) for 189,900. That's kind of a big deal... I lost my mind and freaked out!  I told Wyatt we absolutely had to buy this casa, it was definitely in our budget and it had great resale value.
In less than 24 hrs I had to get my license up and running again. I literally ran all over downtown phoenix to do it. It was crazy. Before this happened I barely left the house to go to the park with two kids, now I was dragging them all over the place and getting a long laundry list of things done. It was a friday so I needed to have all my ducks in an order before the weekend.
We only had one car because my car was in the shop getting fixed from my sad mishap with the Pizza Hut delivery dude (his fault not mine). So I had to drive Wyatt to work, drop him off then drive to Mesa to join  SEVRAR and pay for ARMLS. I got out of the car and realized that Danny had no shoes on?!? So I had to carry both kids into the office, then I realized that I didn't have the right card. I decided to sit outside and call UCCU in hopes that they could give me the card number so I could use it. Turns out that you can't do that over the phone. But... while I was on hold waiting to talk to them the automated message was talking about UCCU's home loans. So I figured that I would use them as a lender. (it was down between them and another lender, but because I basically grew up using UCCU I decided to use them, it felt like a little piece of Utah was with me as I was taking this big step!). Working with them was marvelous!
I called my broker (best one in the world) and he re-hired me. Last step was me having to run to my broker's office to fax part of my tax return before picking up Wyatt from work. I got to his office and it was closed (Good Friday). With my phone nearly dying I called Wyatt and asked him to look up a Fedex so I could fax part of my tax return to my loan officer so he could prequalify us so I could write up an offer for this dream house. He found a fed ex, in freaking downtown phoenix. He didn't know he sent me there. He felt bad about it later. I found somewhere to park, I had to parallel park, and there was even a few minutes left on the meter. I ran to Fedex with both my kids and realized I had forgotten the fax number. I needed to run back to my car but didn't want to bring the kids with me so I asked the woman in in line ahead of me to watch the kids.She turned out to be from CPS and said she would love to watch them for me... hijole!
I faxed everything over before the loan officer left his office so he sent me the pre-qual form. Really, he was a great help. Later that night he wrote up another letter so we could make a higher offer on the house. Really, UCCU is unbeatable.
We didn't actually end up getting the house. We were outbid by a cash offer. I was a little crushed. But it turned out to be a good thing because we found a better house ;)
We spent the next weeks watching the market for new and old homes to consider. UCCU had given us a killer interest rate and our rent was going up so we thought it would be a good time to buy a home. We put offers in on five houses in three weeks and they were all rejected. Like I said, the market was (is) insane. 

After a month (A MONTH) of scouring MLS/Trulia, I found a home in Power Ranch. I had been watching Power Ranch community for a while. My friend Chelsea told me how awesome of a community it was so I decided to look into it. Basically, it's the cats meow of master planned communities.So I watched the market in the area for a while, put a few offers in on some homes, all which were rejected. I felt like I hadn't found the exact one I was looking for (I was pretty picky for this process... I wanted a one story, open floor plan with 3+ bedrooms). Then one day I saw a home pop up in the community and it was priced on the lower end miraculously! I told Wyatt we had to go walk through it ASAP. (side note, it was so nice being my own Realtor so I could just walk through whatever house I wanted whenever!) When we drove to the house we literally couldn't believe how incredibly awesome it was. The house was priced at 225,000$ , well within our budget. I got the key out of the lockbox and went to open the front door. Let me tell you, the air smelt like heaven. I couldn't figure out what it was that was making the air smell so good (come to find out later it was the honeysuckle growing on the side of the home) As I was opening the front door Wyatt peeked through the window (the house was vacant!) and saw tile floors and a nice open floor plan then he said "Cindy, we don't have time to walk through this house we have to go home so you can write up the contract". We didn't even walk through the home! We opened the door and took one look and ran home to get our offer in. It was that cool of a house. We knew the moment we saw it we wanted it. I wrote up the contract and called the Agent to tell her how much we loved the home. I told her we put in our offer and offered 230,000 for the home. (I wasn't taking chances with this home, and I wanted to come in with a strong offer). She was blown away we were offering 5k more than what was asked. But seriously, I knew houses were going for way more than 230k. I'm surprised she listed it for so low... I don't think she was watching the market? She was nice though, I loved working with her.  In the end 10 offers were placed on the home within a day of it being listed (some were cash, some were above what we offered, some the same and some below). The owners ultimately picked us because I wrote them an email explaining how much we would love to raise our babies in this house and how we would cherish our time with it. I also included a little picture of us. Anyways the rest of the process was relatively smooth! My lender describes the buying process as a hurry up and wait process. So true, you hurry to get your stuff done and then patiently wait for the rest of the people to get their stuff together. Let me tell you, everybody wins when a house is bought. The seller wins, the buyer wins, the title company, the lender, sellers agent, buyers agent. You get the idea.  It was stressful, fun and satisfying being my own agent. Looking back I'm like "Me is awesome! I did whole process on my own!". We closed on the house Friday May 13th 2016. 

There you have it, the story of how we purchased our first home <3 

FRIDAY MY 13TH- Danny celebrating closing on our house

PS. Post title brought to you by the woman who watched my kids so I could run back to my car for the fax number. 

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