Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'd expect nothing less, brother

In case you wanted a case of the jelly's I'm going to share what my weekend looked like.


Here is the evidence of what Wyatt compared to a party house the morning after. Sadly in our case not only do we not get to sleep off our hangovers, but we also have to entertain our kids while trying to clean up this mess! (the struggle could not be more real) Also, the TV is playing Malcolm in the Middle, we've been re-watching it and it's gold.

Every-once in a while I decide to go through our old storage and either purge or throw it organize it somewhere else. When I decide to do this the house turns into an episode of hoarders. But hey if enduring the occasional trashing of my house is the extent of my complaints then I suppose life is pretty grand.

Saturday night we stayed up until 2:00 AM cleaning out our guest bedroom. (it was that bad) It wasn't all bad, we had some serious nostalgia going on while we looked through our old memories.

freaking Danny would NOT stay in bed so he joined us for our midnight clean up
Wyatt's white handbook ^^^^^^

I have to give a shout out to Wyatt's white handbook from his mission. For those that aren't members a white handbook is essentially a book full of rules pertaining to missionaries. Wyatt decorated his with stickers, please pay special attention to the bottom left hand sticker. Any Telenovela fan who wasn't living under a rock would recognize those ladies from Rebelde. Iconic. This is one of 17 reasons I love this man.

We woke up Saturday morning (early) and got to church 30 min early. Which is huge for us. To meet with someone about callings in church. (eeeek) Stand by on that one. We then gave the the opening and closing prayers in sacrament meeting. I swear praying in sacrament meeting is way harder than giving a talk. Every time I get up to the pulpit to give a prayer I temporarily forget how to pray. The rest of church was spent chilling in nursery with the coolest kids around. No really, they were actually really behaved. But in all seriousness, nursery is so metal. If you're currently serving in Nursery, go out and buy yourself an expensive pair of shoes. You deserve it.

We bought Danny a Marble Run. Best $40 dollars I've spent all year. He wanted me to open the door every five minutes to check if his package had come. Cute the first few times and made me want to crawl out of my skin on number 12. He's so cute with it. We have told him countless times that marbles are terrible for Sammy. So he takes his safety pretty seriously. It's adorable. He puts all the marbles in his room and closes the door when he plays with his marble racer. Unlike some of the toys I've bought Danny (stupid Vtech smart car racer) this has been a good investment. He wants us to help him build new "castles" with him, but once they're built, he's set for a good hour!

It may or may not please you to know that we ended up being able to put the house together again. Because of this, we were able to enjoy our Monday. We had family night at ColdStone and bought a big glow in the dark balloon on an impulse. Kids loved it though, Sammy was especially captivated by it.

Here's to a good week!

Con todo mi cariƱo,

PS. Here's some adorable pictures of Sammy, because why not. 

Post title brought to you by Teen Titans Go. I really hate that I like this show. Wyatt and Danny are huge fans of it and get excited every time it's on TV. It's on Cartoon Network. ugh it's like the trailer park of the Kids Cable TV genre. But I really do have to admit it's hilarious. This scene in particular had my crying. I think to fully appreciate it you'd have to have an appreciation of both Dragon Ball Z and Teen Titan Go. So basically you'd have to have terrible taste in quality television. Actually, I take that back. Dragon Ball Z was an excellent show! 

so stupid

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