Sunday, May 1, 2016

The smell of contentment



I've been meaning to write this down for a long while now but haven't known exactly how to word it. I'm happy that the first on this list was a favorite smell. I do have a favorite smell, but it's not exactly a smell. It is but it isn't. I know it's there before I open my eyes, I sense it. Maybe that's a better word for it a "sense" but I swear it's a smell. A very specific smell. It's the smell of  contentment.

The dictionary defines contentment as a state of peaceful happiness. Which is exactly what my favorite smell is. I've only "smelled" it a handful of times in my life, that I can remember:

* 2008/2009?- Freshman year at BYU, I woke up one day and something felt different, happy. A type of happiness I hadn't experienced, ever. There was also a very distinct smell. I looked out my window at the mountains and the sun coming through them and thought to myself I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. After a few minutes the "smell" wore off and I went back to being same old me. Still happy! But not like that. That was the first time I smelled this "smell". I can't remember if it was spring or fall.

* 2010- Early morning at my parents house, I was sleeping in the upstairs middle bedroom and I could tell the smell was there. Again, I hadn't opened my eyes and I knew it was there, once I opened my eyes it was gone. (it was spring)

* 2014- Early morning in Connecticut, I could hear my mom playing with Danny in the living room below (remember, I had a loft). Listening to Danny giggle and my mom chat with him filled me with so much happiness, I can't describe it. The smell lingered for just a little while before it left.

*2015- January, in one of the lowest, most depressing points of my life I was kept afloat by this smell. I believe it was the direct result of the prayers offered by many on my behalf. My family, my friends and my ward. This "smell" stuck around for a full week. After it left, things slowly started to get better.

* 2015- When Sammy was born. I debated writing this down because I can't honestly say that I smelled it when Danny was born! (whoops!) I honestly believe it's because I wasn't as tired and stressed!! Nothing to do with loving one more than the other.  It didn't last very long though, the smell. That's not to say I wasn't so happy the rest of the day. The smell specifically had gone.

*December 2015. Wyatt, Danny and I were all very sick. So sick that Wyatt had to take a day off of work. I remember waking up around 3:30 in the morning and noticing the "smell" was there. For two days I could smell it. Despite us all being sick and tired I had this special experience.

There may be one or two more instances where I've been able to smell it and haven't remembered. But it is definitely a rare occasion. I treasure every moment I get to smell it. I've met one other person who could "smell" this. They believed it was the smell of blessings. I believe it's the presence of Christ.

Whatever it is, I'm happy and grateful that I have had it in my life.

Con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. I want this picture of Christ in my house SOOO badly. Anyone want to buy it for me? My birthday is in June!! ;)

UPDATE: Wyatt's favorite smell is that of fall mornings. They remind him of BYU football. 

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