Monday, May 2, 2016

The camera-phone


Today's choice was a bit of a battle between the camera and the phone. So in true Flight of the Conchords spirit I picked both. I had originally chosen to list Glasses as the technology I was most grateful for: because, you know, I'm almost legally blind. My heart swells with gratitude over the invention of glasses. Being able to see everything from my babies smiles to the Tetons is a privilege.  I know that having corrective vision is a blessing that  some, sadly, will never have. But I digress. Wyatt claims that glasses don't count as technology... whatevs. 

What on earth would we do without telephones?

 If we didn't have telephones we might have to say bye to our loved ones perhaps not knowing when we'd hear their voice again. We would have no way of calling an ambulance, firetruck or the police! When Wyatt was gone for three months in Texas our phones kept us going! All day long we'd text each other and at night we'd talk on the phone. I think we spoke more those three months than we do now.

Sometimes, talking on the phone is the only time Wyatt and I get to have a decent conversation.
Once a long time ago the phone was a way for our relationship to blossom and lead to our eventual dating and marriage!

Back in the day a phone call twice a year is how Missionaries kept in touch with their families! (Insert emotional clip of mother talking to son)

Which brings me to the camera. Pictures meant so much to my mom when her sons were on a mission. You can bet I'll want my kids to send me as many pictures as possible while they're on their mission! Being able to capture an image is a wonderful advancement. It allows us to relive a moment gone past or remember a loved one when they are no longer with us. For me personally I have loved documenting Danny and Sammy. Kids grow so freaking fast that they look different month by month! I'm grateful that I have pictures of them to remind me what they looked like when they were little babies! 

Con todo mi cariƱo,


PS. In case you wondered here is the link to the scene from Flight of the Conchords where they talk about the camera phone. The scene drops three swear words soooo yeah, FYI. 

UPDATE: In case you were wondering Wyatt's pick for technology is central A/C. Followed closely by modern medicine and indoor plumbing. I don't think that modern medicine counts as technology though. 

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