Sunday, April 24, 2016

What we love about Sammy Month 5!

Sam is five months old! We've reached the point in his life where he starts getting easier to take care of! He is a month or two from sitting up and he is hating  tolerating tummy time. All in all I can't imaging our family without him :) Here are a few things we love about him this month...


*He's discovered his tongue and he sticks it out at us all the time, it's adorable
*He's sir chats-a-lot in the morning, he's ridiculously loud but it's fun to hear him.
* He loves to eat and mumbles while doing so.
*He smacks his lips whenever anyone around him is eating. Poor kid, he's going to love eating more solids though. 
* His farts are less smelly. Sammy is a gassy kid, at least he was. I swear, even just picking him up out of his crib would lead to a stream of stinks. (and they were stinky!)
* He's starting to play and interact a lot. He especially loves "biting" my shoulder when I carry him. He gets a kick out of me saying "no me muerdas!". He also enjoys pulling Danny's hair (problematic future ahead)
* Always moving, we especially love watching him kick his legs like a froggy.
* He loves his baths
*champion sleeper, still! He's also getting better at taking longer and more consistent naps. He sleeps like a little starfish and he legitimately enjoys sleeping. No joke I lay him in his crib and he falls asleep. #blessed
* He's sitting in his high chair now. It's fun to have him sit with us at the table. Poor kid spends the whole time smacking his lips while we eat. Soon Sam!
*He can now hold his own bottle, win!
* He's still pretty stingy with his laughs
* Last but not least, he started sucking on his toes! Literally one of my favorite things of the entire baby phase.

Con todo mi cariño,


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