Saturday, April 2, 2016

Everyday MOMents

A few months ago Jessica Poe reached out to me on IG and told me she was writing a book on helping mothers find Christ in the details of motherhood. She sent me a copy of the book and ask that I review it. The thoughts expressed in this review are all mine and it is my hope that you pick up a copy of the book to read for yourself.

Reading Everyday MOMents was like eating breakfast cereal that is made up of only marshmallows. Overly sweet but ultimately providing essential nutrients. The book is written in first person, which is nice because you relate to her. As young tired mother the anxieties and frustrations she details in her book are easy to identify with.

What I appreciated most about the book are the parallels she draws between mundane tasks and the life of Christ. My favorite part is when she compares folding laundry to the Disciple Peter finding the white folded linens in Christ's tomb...

"He (Christ) did not leave in haste. He was there, and He accomplished His assigned task. He was not forced from the tomb during a raid, but He was lovingly doing what He always did- His Father's will .Maybe when I leave neatly folded piles of clothes on beds, waiting for other hands to swoop them up and place them in correct drawers, I am leaving tokens of love too. My love note says "Mom was here, I did this small task for you, and I'll be there for you again and again.""
- Jessica Poe Everyday MOMents pages 25-26

Reading this truly touched me, I never realized how symbolic Christ's folding of the linens was. The book is full of insights like this that are both eyeopening and special.

That being said, this book is too sweet for my liking. When she writes about finding divine details in cleaning toilets the book goes to a point of return.  At the heart of it the book is insightful and uplifting but the fancy imagery and rose colored glasses look at life ruin it for me.  Many times throughout the book I would look up at Wyatt and say "I can't read this anymore".  

While the book is nauseatingly sweet, I can promise that you will never feel stressed reading it and the insights will uplift you. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and pause to find everyday MOMents in your life you might have been taking for granted. 


PS. You can purchase your own copy of the book here and a free study guide here

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