Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The humans are dead

I thought I'd do a small post about current affairs so that someday when I'm really old my kids can read about what was going on when I was in my twenties. (Like they'll care)

It's that time of the decade again where we vote for a new president. This round of potentials are especially interesting:

DONALD TRUMP: Uh, when did this happen? How did it happen? When he first joined the race everyone thought it was a joke, fast forward a year and aint nobody laughing. He's loud, outspoken, and a little bit of a bully oh and especially racist. (thumbs up emoji here). However, there are a few things I have to give him props for. Number one, the guy is paying for his own presidential campaign. No joke, he's stupid rich and he's not relying on anyones money to fund him which is pretty cool. Number two, he says what's on his mind and he don't give a sh**. I've always wished I could be the type of person that could say what I want when I want without worrying about what people are going to say. He is the living embodiment of that. He's a go getter, he doesn't let anyone push him around, which maybe the USA needs? 

Then again, It's Trump. 

(In which I am Willow and Donald Trump is the man on the horse)

I feel as though if I met him in real life he'd think I'm a waste of space, and probably a drug dealer ;).If I sat down to nurse Sammy next to him he'd probably tell me I'm disgusting. *shrugs shoulders*


HILLARY CLINTON: Unlike Trump, her running didn't surprise anyone. She's been in the white house for a while and I think everyone suspected she'd be running someday. Hillary Clinton is kind of a bad a**. Her husband cheated on her while he was the president. Talk about public shame, poor thing. I would have shrunk back into a social media abyss never to live on the grid again. This lady though, she's freaking running for president. There is something romantic in the notion of not only having a woman for president but also a woman who's husband created a large scale scandal. The feminist in me wants Hillary Clinton to win. Plus she's the only one with white house experience. 

Then again, it's Hillary. 

No but all joking aside

While I'm not sure how accurate of a portrayal House of Cards is I have the lurking suspicion she's got some dark secrets. She seems like the kind of lady who would call me fat behind my back. If I sat down to nurse next to her I'd expect a type of Regina George kindness, maybe even roll her eyes at me.  Then again maybe she wouldn't. Maybe she'd be 100% supportive of me, being a feminist maybe she'd fight tooth and nail for my right to nurse whenever wherever I want. Who knows! Chances of me sitting down next to her to nurse Sammy are slim to none.

(Wyatt wanted me to add this video to the post, but it's inappropriate. click at your own risk)

dude check out young Hillary Clinton, she was a total babe. 


BERNIE SANDERS: I knew nothing of Bernie Sanders before he ran for president. From what I understand he was a bit of a hippie back in his younger days. Other than that I know that there's no dirt on him, he seems to be transparent and very kind. 

All this being said, he's so old! Also, odds of him winning the democratic nomination aren't looking good. I actually don't have to wonder what Bernie would do if I sat down next to him and nursed Sammy. He would be totally chill with it. Here is the evidence. #boobsforbernie

All this being said I can't say that I know for certain who would be best... PSYCH I totally do...

No but seriously I have no idea. The only  thing I am certain about is what a blessing it is to live in the USA. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Con todo mi cariño,


PS. Maybe Ted Cruz should win so I could buy this shirt. 
PS. Todays post title was brought to you by Flight of the Conchords. I was watching this episode when I started writing this post. That show is so freaking funny.

Here's the full song.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What we love about Sammy Month 5!

Sam is five months old! We've reached the point in his life where he starts getting easier to take care of! He is a month or two from sitting up and he is hating  tolerating tummy time. All in all I can't imaging our family without him :) Here are a few things we love about him this month...


*He's discovered his tongue and he sticks it out at us all the time, it's adorable
*He's sir chats-a-lot in the morning, he's ridiculously loud but it's fun to hear him.
* He loves to eat and mumbles while doing so.
*He smacks his lips whenever anyone around him is eating. Poor kid, he's going to love eating more solids though. 
* His farts are less smelly. Sammy is a gassy kid, at least he was. I swear, even just picking him up out of his crib would lead to a stream of stinks. (and they were stinky!)
* He's starting to play and interact a lot. He especially loves "biting" my shoulder when I carry him. He gets a kick out of me saying "no me muerdas!". He also enjoys pulling Danny's hair (problematic future ahead)
* Always moving, we especially love watching him kick his legs like a froggy.
* He loves his baths
*champion sleeper, still! He's also getting better at taking longer and more consistent naps. He sleeps like a little starfish and he legitimately enjoys sleeping. No joke I lay him in his crib and he falls asleep. #blessed
* He's sitting in his high chair now. It's fun to have him sit with us at the table. Poor kid spends the whole time smacking his lips while we eat. Soon Sam!
*He can now hold his own bottle, win!
* He's still pretty stingy with his laughs
* Last but not least, he started sucking on his toes! Literally one of my favorite things of the entire baby phase.

Con todo mi cariño,


Saturday, April 16, 2016

This is the perfect place for me to layout my political agenda

Two weeks ago Linda, Karleigh and the kids came to stay with us for a few days, and we had a freaking blast! Having them here was a breath of fresh air that I had no idea I needed! In truth we all needed to have a little adventure; Danny was on cloud nine the whole time. He loves his cousins and talks about them often; it's hard not to love someone who plays with you 24/7! I love these kids, they are kind, fun and smart! I'm so happy and grateful they are Danny's cousins.
Their visit was over before we knew it, and we were so sad to see them go, but we're excited to see them again in summer!! Thank you Linda and Karleigh for making the loooonnnngggg drive out here to party with us!

A note about the video- this thing took forever to make. Timing the video to the beat of the song turned out to be trickier than I had thought, and it's the longest video I've made. I sat down to make it Sunday afternoon, left to have dinner at Kim and Kristen's came back and realized it had all been deleted, bust! So I had to make it again and I couldn't actually recreate it but I think this one turned out better. Loading it to the blog was a whole other story. Ugh.

Con todo mi cariño,


PS. Today's post title was brought to you by Frank Reynolds from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Season 10 episode 8 "Family Fight" is one of my favorite episodes! At the beginning of the episode the gang is sitting in the green room discussing how they want to portray themselves on national television and Frank decides he wants to lay out his political agenda. Believe me when I say I tried HARD to hunt down this clip and even record it myself. Didn't work out! Here's the promo for the episode. ugh. This post is a train wreck. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Everyday MOMents

A few months ago Jessica Poe reached out to me on IG and told me she was writing a book on helping mothers find Christ in the details of motherhood. She sent me a copy of the book and ask that I review it. The thoughts expressed in this review are all mine and it is my hope that you pick up a copy of the book to read for yourself.

Reading Everyday MOMents was like eating breakfast cereal that is made up of only marshmallows. Overly sweet but ultimately providing essential nutrients. The book is written in first person, which is nice because you relate to her. As young tired mother the anxieties and frustrations she details in her book are easy to identify with.

What I appreciated most about the book are the parallels she draws between mundane tasks and the life of Christ. My favorite part is when she compares folding laundry to the Disciple Peter finding the white folded linens in Christ's tomb...

"He (Christ) did not leave in haste. He was there, and He accomplished His assigned task. He was not forced from the tomb during a raid, but He was lovingly doing what He always did- His Father's will .Maybe when I leave neatly folded piles of clothes on beds, waiting for other hands to swoop them up and place them in correct drawers, I am leaving tokens of love too. My love note says "Mom was here, I did this small task for you, and I'll be there for you again and again.""
- Jessica Poe Everyday MOMents pages 25-26

Reading this truly touched me, I never realized how symbolic Christ's folding of the linens was. The book is full of insights like this that are both eyeopening and special.

That being said, this book is too sweet for my liking. When she writes about finding divine details in cleaning toilets the book goes to a point of return.  At the heart of it the book is insightful and uplifting but the fancy imagery and rose colored glasses look at life ruin it for me.  Many times throughout the book I would look up at Wyatt and say "I can't read this anymore".  

While the book is nauseatingly sweet, I can promise that you will never feel stressed reading it and the insights will uplift you. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and pause to find everyday MOMents in your life you might have been taking for granted. 


PS. You can purchase your own copy of the book here and a free study guide here