Sunday, March 13, 2016

We will never go there

Lately our favorite family pastime has been flying Danny's kite. It amazes me that I can take Danny to a park and he will run with his kite for hours, he's so worn out by the end of it, win! I'm so happy I stumbled across that family at the park who had the kite and inspired me to buy a kite of our own. The things like $1.30 and it's by far his favorite toy (and mine).

Last week Wyatt got out of work a little early so we decided to pack up dinner (Top Ramen with corn and chicken... it was actually a lot better than it sounds) and take it to a park for a picnic. It was one of those magic moments in everyday life. The sun was setting, we could smell orange blossoms in the air, and we were taking turns flying our "Star Wars kite"--for some reason Danny doesn't just call it a kite. I looked around at everyone and thought "dang I'm lucky".  

Because this little kite has brought so much happiness and special moments to us I wanted to make a little video dedicated to it. Thank you Mr. Star Wars kite for ensuring good memories and naps.

Con todo mi cariƱo,

PS. Today's post title was brought to you by a hilarious skit by Michael Mcintyre. 

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