Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Northern Air Temple

Days seem long and weeks just fly by. Here's a recap of what we did in the past week, our trip to the Butterfly Museum and, most importantly, our lunch at Shake Shack!

Danny and his cute crafts from play school

All week he talked about "Beards" "little" and "money" 

Finally found a way to get this kid to do tummy time (inspired by my friend Bao) 

My heart melted when I saw this. Can't wait for them to play together when Sammy gets older! 


Con todo mi cariƱo,

PS. Post title brought to you by this awesome mashup of Avatar and Game of Thrones. If I could visit one place in the world of Avatar it would be the Northern Air Temple! It goes without saying that no one in their right mind would want to visit Westeros .... 

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