Friday, March 4, 2016

Life lately has been pretty good to me. Granted there are ups and downs but on most weeks the ups outnumber the downs. Below are a few pictures that I thought I'd share along with a little description of each one. 

This is my view every time I sit down to nurse Sammy. I always sit in the same chair in the corner of my room. This rocking chair is SO comfy. I could sit in it all day, which I do... Anways, Danny always comes along and usually perches himself on the footrest to talk to me. Everyonce in a while he'll bring some toys with him and pretend to do a toy review. (Thanks Ryan's Toy Review, I swear that kid makes millions). I bought him this treasure chest during a time when we were really tight on money. We ended up going into overdraft and it basically killed  us financially. It really sucked. But on the bright side it's one of his favorite toys... so it kind of balances out? He puts all of his "Treasures" in it, which usually consist of loose change and a fishing hook (which he's since broken, so so sad :( but he loved that hook) we carry this dumb treasure chest everywhere we go. It's super annoying but I think I'll be heartbroken when he decides he doesn't want to carry it anymore. I'd really like him to keep a nice collection of change in it so that when the Ice Cream truck comes around we can chase it down and buy ice cream. So idyllic. 

Does this picture even need a caption? He's so cute, I have really enjoyed my second baby. He makes me melt like butter. One downside is that he can't stand to be put down! I carry him around all day, I'm a sucker, I know that, but in the next three months he'll be sitting up so I won't have to carry him around as much! 

Danny got this as a Christmas present from Nanny and Papa and he STILL plays with it! that's kind of a big deal considering toddlers haver such short attentions spans. Danny loves fishes, he has for a really long time. Not sure where the obsession stems from but he loves them, ever since CT! Lately he's added Pac Man and Surprise Eggs to his list of favorites. Some of my favorite things about him are...

*He's been saying "Try again" a lot. I don't know where he picked that up from but it's really cute and I love it when he says it to me. 
* He's such a great helper. He's been helping me left and right. whether it's cleaning up the toys or throwing away Sammy's dirty diapers. 
*He loves school. He comes home chattering about everything he learned and he's always excited to show me his crafts. He used to hate school and it was really sad! 
*I still love the way he says Puffer Fish "Pupher fish" or Anglefish "Anglerfish"

Again, no words. 

Danny's "You expect me to eat this?" Face.

Behold, my treasures, I'm so excited for them to become best friends!! 

In other news, Caila has just been cast for Bachelorette 2016 and I couldn't be happier! I'm actually going to watch it this time! Better call Saul is still amazing. Wyatt and I are trying to go to bed earlier so we don't feel like zombies all the time.

Welp, that's it!


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