Monday, February 1, 2016

The yellow one's don't stop!

Christmas 2015 was a million times better than 2014! While last year was special because it was our first Christmas as a little family, I was crazy depressed over my unknown ailments. Though I think Wyatt and Danny had a pretty good Christmas nonetheless.  But honestly, I never said I was a selfless blogger. This blog is all about me.... dang.
Wyatt's parents flew us to their house for this Christmas. Saying that we were looking forward to this trip would be a gross understatement. Everyday I'd look at my phone and wish it was the 24th( our flight). We the Anthony's were struggling. First of all we all got sick, as in "I don't have the energy to watch TV" sick. Poor Danny got the worst of it, having an ear infection and pink eye in not one but both of his eyes. It broke my heart to hear him begging for me to hold him and not being able to. I wanted to hold and cuddle him but I had Sammy. First off, I didn't want to spread the germs around. Secondly, Sammy was taking up a considerable amount of my time. There was one specific moment when he was sitting on the couch, miserable (red goopy eyes and feverish) and he looked at my friend (who had come over to help me)  and whispered "hold you...". My heart broke into a million pieces and that moment will forever go down in motherhood guilt history.


Fast forward to Christmas Eve, the flight itself was easy peasy. The kids slept the whole time so WIN! We were however delayed an hour which was a downer. The visit was worth it though!
I have to dedicate an entire paragraph for our arrival to my in-laws house. Eric, Wyatt and Danny got out of the truck before Sam and I did so I got to see Danny step into nanny's house! I hope I forever remember seeing him walk into the kitchen. I've never been to a red carpet premier (oh wait I have) but if I had it would have looked like this moment. The entire family was standing on either side of him and cheering. After adjusting to the changes of having a new baby around, and feeling crummy for a month, I'm certain that this welcome rocked his world. I'm certain my heart skipped a beat at this moment. As in my heart literally oozed with love for this family, my family! His cousins were excited to talk to him about christmas and show him presents that they had bought for him. The kids' affection for Danny has blown me away before but somehow it just gets better. I wish I had a unicorn for each and every one of them. Possibly a goose that lays golden eggs. 
The rest of the evening was spent laughing, screaming and singing. We re-enacted the Nativity, and Sammy was baby Jesus! At one point there were three Marys (what's the plural spelling for Mary?) and two Josephs, classic! This year, I got to be Mary! Win! I've been waiting around to have a newborn around Christmas for it to happen! whoop whoop!
To wrap things up we all opened up our pajamas and changed into them in the living room... or we didn't. The kids did! 


We woke up to a white Christmas. When has this happened in Utah?! In all my lifetime I wasn't privileged to have a snowstorm on Christmas Eve and beautiful new fallen snow for Christmas morning. I actually teared up taking this picture. The last time I was around beautiful new fallen snow my ear was roaring and crushing my will to live. I saw some birds fly by and I felt an incredible since  of peace, happiness and completion. I swear birds flying by in the sky is natures way of sending me a message. 

We actually didn't buy Christmas presents this year. But we were spoiled by our families! My in laws rained down Christmas joy and gifts all day long. Danny got more presents on Christmas day than he could even wrap his toddler brain around. On top of flying us out to for the Holidays they bought us a bomb bookshelf and a ton of other presents. WE (ADULTS!)(PARENTS!) got to open presents on Christmas morning. WHEN does that happen? They were even SURPRISES! Surprises we loved! Saying lucky us would not be doing our Navidad justice!

My heart is bursting with gratitude.


PS. Post title brought to you by one of my favorite scenes from the movie Elf! There is a scene where Buddy (Ferrell) and Jovie (Deschanel) are running across the street and he yells at her to be wary of the yellow cars because they don't stop! You have to watch the movie to see the scene, I couldn't find it anywhere! For now, here is another favorite clip from the movie.

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