Saturday, February 27, 2016

Let's go fly a kite

My day started at three thirty in the morning, can you believe that? As in I didn't go back to sleep. It's now nine thirty at night and I'm wrecked, but happy. Today is Wyatt's birthday, I can't believe he's twenty nine, It's been eight years that I've known him and thats wild.

Literally as I'm typing this he's scrubbing down the kitchen and muttering under his breath about jam being spilled on the counter. That's so Wyatt. It's the man's birthday and he's frantically Lysoling the kitchen and taking out trash, he's wonderful. Don't get me wrong, his incessant need to have the house clean has been the topic of many fights but knowing that he'll clean up after me is such a comforting thought, however guilty I may feel about it. 

Wyatt trying to comfort Sammy without having to pick him up :) What was best about this is that we had just been talking about millionaires. Then sammy starts crying and Wyatt stands there and shows him some dinky plastic toy. As he did it he told Sammy "If we were millionaires you'd have a nice round head because I'd have the energy and time to hold you more... flat heads are for poor babies". I just about died laughing. 

Wyatt is the last priority in the household. Not that any of us purposely put him there! He puts himself last priority. When we chat on the phone first his first question is always "How are the kids?" second question is "How are you?" third "Tell me about your day". Every once in a few conversations I'll remember to ask him how work was, it usually happens mid sentence and sounds something like this "wait! how as work?!"I don't think it's mushy of me to say that I never expected to have a husband as selfless as Wyatt. 

It's because of this that I found myself in the Walmart parking lot at 4:00am. We needed milk, and I really wanted Wyatt to sleep in on his birthday. I knew if I didn't get the milk he'd get up and go get it, or he'd watch the kids while I did (which would have probably been worse!). As I wandered up and down the isles I kept wishing I could buy Wyatt a birthday gift. I wished that I had some extra money so I could go out and get him something special. I actually tried picking up a housecleaning job on Saturdays to earn some extra money for a gift, but as it turns out you can't just work Saturdays. But I digress, I bought the groceries we absolutely needed and figured that it would be okay to buy a roast and some treats for Wyatt's Birthday. As I was checking out I was pleasantly surprised that the groceries were quite affordable, I told the cashier that it was my husbands birthday and I wanted to make him a special dinner. She asked me if I picked up any decorations, I hadn't, we really couldn't afford them... but maybe we could. Our groceries had turned out to be less than I had expected so I figured I could have gotten some balloons. When I told this to the cashier she said that they can fill any balloon bought in the store with helium. The manager overheard and quickly pointed out that it was way too early in the morning for anyone to be available to do that for me. That was fine, I didn't care too much. She however had a change of heart and told me I could pick two or three balloons. As I waited in the party isle for her to fill my balloons up I came across Shark party decorations. That's kind of a big deal.

If you know Wyatt you'll know he loves sharks. As in thinks they're the coolest things ever. Has ever since he was four. I really couldn't help buying some shark party decorations, so I did. As I was checking out with my new party decorations I had a mini anxiety attack. I thought about the money I was spending and how Wyatt would probably be frustrated with the money spent rather than pleasantly surprised at the extra thought. 

To my extreme relief he was happy about the decorations. I didn't have to wait long either, I came home around 5:00 am and he was awake! He was supposed to be sleeping, and not long after I got home the kids were awake too. By six am everyone in the house was awake, which never happens! 
taken at 5:30 in the AM!

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which as you would have it Wyatt wasn't really feeling. He wasn't feeling well so breakfast was the last thing on his mind. However he ended up having one and told me it was really good. Win!

The rest of my day was a blur of playing with kids, changing kids, trips to the potty and feeding kids. In all seriousness I can't tell you what happened when! It seems like one never ending tornado! Think the archery tournament from Robin Hood. When a bunch of animals are running around under an tent and little John pokes his head out to ask who's "driving this umbrella" I'm little john. No actually I'm one of the animals running around under the tent, I have no idea where we are going or what we're doing! 

Finally, at around six pm I decided we all HAD to get out of the house. It was a gorgeous day and hanging out at home all day is depressing. I set up the stroller and buckled Danny and Sammy in, when sammy spits ups. I got him cleaned up and Danny needed apple juice, then he needed to pee. Then I needed to pee. Anyways, you get the idea, leaving the house was hard. As we're making our way to the park Danny says "Kite? Kite! yeah kite!" You see I had forgotten to tell you that I bought a two dollar kite for Danny at Walmart as well. It was an impulse buy for sure but It was two dollars!! I thought about it and turned the stroller around to go pick his kite up. We get through the door and Sammy is not happy, I grab the kite and put Sammy in the carrier and tell Danny to walk with me and hold my hand. 

I am so exhausted at this point. I'm drained physically, mentally and emotionally. We finally get to the park and Danny is bursting with excitement to fly his kite. Only, there was no wind... Nonethe less he runs into the little valley of grass and starts running as fast as he can with his kite dragging behind him. When suddenly there is the slightest gust of wind and it sends his kite soaring. Danny squeals with excitement as he runs faster hoping to get the kite higher all the while scramming "mamma mamma mamma look! look! It's flying!". The look on his face was enough to melt my heart but behind him was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It was a magic. There was magic in this ordinary moment. A quite affirmation that my job as a mother is important and rewarding. As I ran with Danny and watched him smile and laugh I thought to myself "How could I want for more?". The sunset, my babies, a two dollar kite and beautiful weather. Bliss! Though, It's a wonder how we missed stepping in all the dog poo. Honestly people, clean up after your dogs, gross. We spent the next thirty minutes running throughout the whole valley, I've never seen Danny run as much as a he did today. He was so happy, it was magical. 

The rest of the day was wild, it was a total blurr. Wyatt and I were all over the place taking care of kids until now. The kids are sleeping and the house would be quiet if it weren't for the Birthday boy muttering about crumbs on the kitchen floor. Today was exhausting, today was magic, today was my best friends birthday! 



PS. Post title brought to you by Mary Poppins. I used to sing this song to Danny all the time, when I pushed him on the swings, when we were walking around Boston for hours on end. So I think that might be part of the reason why he was so excited about the kite today. 


  1. This is just so awesome. You have the most beautiful family!

    1. Nikki, thank you! I am making your ham and cheese sliders tomorrow!!